Navy Expenditures


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Página 97 - Navy, party of the second part, witnesseth, that for and in consideration of the payments hereinafter specified the party of the first part, for itself and its personal and legal representatives, does hereby covenant and agree to and with the party of the second part, as follows, viz: 1.
Página 5 - The examination of the accounts and expenditures of the several Departments of the government and the manner of keeping the same; the economy, justness, and correctness of such expenditures; their conformity with appropriation laws; the proper application of public moneys; the security of the government against unjust and extravagant demands; retrenchment; the enforcement of the payment of moneys due to the United States; the economy and accountability of public officers; the abolishment of useless...
Página 6 - Resolved,, That the Speaker of the House of Representatives be, and he is hereby, authorized to appoint a special committee to be composed of -seven Members for the purpose of conducting...
Página 212 - The committee will stand in recess until 2 o'clock. (Thereupon, at 12.30 o'clock pm. the committee took a recess until 2 pm) AFTER RECESS. The committee reassembled at 2 o'clock pm, pursuant to the taking of recess.
Página 97 - Delaware, party of the first part, and the United States, by the purchasing pay officer. United States Navy pay office, Philadelphia, Pa., acting under the direction of the Secretary of the Navy, party of the second part...
Página 6 - Department," and who shall have the same powers and authority as are now conferred by law upon the " Commissioners of the Alms House and Bridewell of the City of New York," and hold his office until the first day of May next. At the next Charter Election for the City of New York...
Página 235 - Is there anything else you would like to bring to the attention of the committee? Mr.
Página 28 - Herewith is submitted the annual report of the Paymaster General of the Navy for the year ending June 30, 1923.
Página 235 - ... o'clock pm, the committee adjourned to meet again at 10 o'clock am, Friday, February 21, 1930.) HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, COMMITTEE ON INDIAN AFFAIRS, Friday, February 91, 1930.
Página 7 - In fact, really all I know about it is what I have read in the newspaper.

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