Studies from the Department of Pathology of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, N.Y. ... , reprints, Volumes 8-9

Columbia University, 1902

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Página 126 - Thus, the closure of the anterior chamber and the adhesions of the root of the iris to the posterior surface of the cornea...
Página 100 - The hyperplastic pharyngeal tonsil often contains micro-organisms, and these are mainly pyococcal forms. The bacteria for the most part lie near the surface ; and the infection usually occurs from the surface, with or without demonstrable lesion of the epithelium. 3. Primary tuberculosis of adenoids is probably more common than most previous studies show.
Página 283 - ... immunity" has come to have a special and useful significance in relation to infection, intoxication, and other conditions of natural or acquired tolerance to obviously and seriously harmful agents. The process in both instances is, indeed, one of adaptation, and the newly acquired capacities of the serum are due to substances resulting from this adaptation. They arise from a functional modification of parts of the body, and hence may be appropriately called adaptive substances.
Página 67 - The structure of the parenchyma is so slightly characteristic in morphology that its epithelial nature in all cases can only be considered as probable; yet in about 24 per cent. of the tumors examined the presence of epithelium is undoubted. The form and relationships of the cells of the parenchyma do not furnish sufficient data to justify these cells in being regarded as of epithelial origin.
Página 298 - But there seems to be abundant ground for the belief that the protective agencies which are evoked in both natural and artificial immunization are simply those which the body makes use of in its normal metabolism, exaggerated and diverted to different ends, it is true, in the face of emergencies and the establishment of new-cell environments, but giving evidence of the birth of no new physiological capacities.
Página 219 - Hiss, PH 1897 On a method of isolating and identifying Bacillus typhosus and members of the colon group in semi-solid culture media.
Página 296 - If the securing of an appropriate complement is thus of such importance in the attempt to prepare bacteriolytic sera for therapeutic purposes, the maintenance of sufficient complements in the human body must be of the utmost significance in its intrinsic protective mechanism against infection. That this consideration is not without support...
Página 136 - SUMMARY. The results of these experiments may be summarized as follows : (1) Intraocular changes may be induced by deleterious substances in the circulation. (2) The effect of irritating material in the circulation induces, first, congestion of the ciliary body and iris and then vesicle formation in the ciliary region followed by fibrinous exudate into the anterior and posterior chambers. (3) Fibrinous and albuminous exudates have a predilection for the anterior chamber, depositing or forming on...
Página 295 - ... not chiefly antitoxic but bacteriolytic. In the light of the new knowledge of cytolytic sera, and the conditions under which these may be effective, the promise of serum therapy, so long limited to antitoxic immunity, seems now to .be definite and encouraging. Let me develop one of the new possibilities. We have seen in our review of haemolysis that hfemolytic serum heated to 56° C.
Página 100 - The lesions in primary tuberculosis of the adenoid are generally close to the epithelial surface and focal in character. Occasionally they may be found in deeper parts of the pharyngeal lymphoid tissue. 5. The pharyngeal tonsil may be a portal of entry for the tubercle bacillus and other microorganisms in localized or general infections.

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