The Works of William Makepeace Thackeray, Volume 22

Smith, Elder & Company, 1869

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Página 303 - THE poor man's sins are glaring ; In the face of ghostly warning He is caught in the fact Of an overt act — Buying greens on Sunday morning. The rich man's sins are hidden In the pomp of wealth and station ; And escape the sight Of the children of light, Who are wise in their generation. The rich man has a kitchen, And cooks to dress his dinner ; The poor who would roast To the baker's must post, And thus becomes a sinner.
Página 333 - There is no blinking the fact that in Mr. Punch's cabinet John Leech is the right-hand man. Fancy a number of Punch without Leech's pictures ! What would you give for it ? The learned gentlemen who write the work must feel that, without him, it were as well left alone.
Página 307 - Stop thief ! stop thief ! — a highwayman ! " Not one of them was mute; And all and each that pass'd that way Did join in the pursuit. And now the turnpike gates again Flew open in short space, The toll-men thinking as before That Gilpin rode a race.
Página 307 - And there he threw the wash about On both sides of the way, Just like unto a trundling mop, Or a wild goose at play. At Edmonton his loving wife From the balcony spied Her tender husband, wondering much To see how he did ride. Stop, stop, John Gilpin! — Here's the house...
Página 323 - He has told a thousand truths in as many strange and fascinating ways ; he has given a thousand new and pleasant thoughts to millions of people ; he has never used his wit dishonestly ; he has never, in all the exuberance of his frolicsome humour, caused a single painful or guilty blush : how little do we think of the extraordinary power of this man, and how ungrateful we are to him...
Página 290 - Cruikshanlc used to people with grinning, fantastical imps, and merry, harmless sprites, — where are they ? Fairburn's shop knows him no more ; not only has Knight disappeared from Sweeting's Alley, but, as we are given to understand, Sweeting's Alley has disappeared from the face of the globe. Slop, the atrocious Castlereagh, the sainted Caroline (in a tight pelisse, with feathers in her head), the "Dandy of sixty," who used to glance at us from Hone's friendly windows — where are they ? Mr.
Página 290 - There must be no smiling with Cruikshank. A man who does not laugh outright is a dullard, and has no heart; even the old dandy of sixty must have laughed at his own wondrous grotesque image, as they say Louis Philippe did, who saw all the caricatures that were made of himself. And there are some of Cruikshank's designs which have the blessed faculty of creating laughter as often as you sec them.
Página 42 - No, my dear madam, you and your daughters have no right to admire and sympathize with any such persons, fictitious or real: you ought to be made cordially to detest, scorn, loathe, abhor, and abominate all people of this kidney. Men of genius, like those whose works we have above alluded to, have no business to make these characters interesting or agreeable, to be feeding your morbid fancies, or indulging their own with such monstrous food. For our parts, young ladies, we beg you to bottle up your...
Página 307 - So am I!" But yet his horse was not a whit Inclined 'to tarry there, For why? his owner had a house Full ten miles off, at Ware. So...
Página 299 - My bonie lass, I work in brass, A tinkler is my station : I've travell'd round all Christian ground In this my occupation ; I've taen the gold, an' been enrolled In many a noble squadron ; But vain they search'd when off I march'd To go an

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