Ritual in Early Modern Europe

Cambridge University Press, 28 de ago de 1997 - 303 páginas
The first comprehensive study of rituals in early modern Europe, this book argues that between about 1400 and 1700 a revolution in ritual theory took place that utterly transformed concepts about time, the body, and the presence of spiritual forces in the world. In this work of synthesis Professor Muir draws on the extensive anthropology-inspired historical research that has been published during the past twenty years, and emphasizes the persistence of traditional Christian ritual practices even as educated elites attempted to privilege reason over passion, textual interpretation over ritual action, and personal moral rectitude over gaining access to supernatural powers. The themes discussed by Professor Muir are wide-ranging and include rites of passage, carnivalesque festivity, Protestant and Catholic Reformations, and the alleged anti-Christian rituals of Jews and witches.

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Comentário do usuário  - TheBooknerd - LibraryThing

This is one of the most interesting books I've ever read. The history presented is good, but what really takes the cake are Muir's ideas on ritual, and how well his assertions fit into both history ... Ler resenha completa

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A superb study of the role of and importance of ritual in Early Modern Europe. Muir's is a probing analysis of varieties of ritual and their numerous uses. Ler resenha completa

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