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plan they would be secured against & run being made upon thera; their funded capital affording them at the same time a reasonable revenue, and the ready means of fulfilling their engagements without making any sacrifice. The six per cent stooks, being raised, by the payment of the interest and the purchases of the commissioners of the sinking fund with specie, to their full nominal value, would serve, for the support of the circulating medium, as a new coinage to the same amount: and would cousequently-by the adoption of the proposed plan--raise bank notes to a par with coin, without the expense of the large importation of specie which the resumption of the old banking system would require.

The Port Folio has been transferred to J. E. Hall, Esqr. professor of Rhetoric and Belles Lettres in the University of Maryland, one of the early and zealous supporters of that long established, respectable Literary Journal. It will be published by Harrison Hall, No. 133, Chesnut street. It is the intention of the proprietors, if the work should be patronized sufficiently to justify the ad. ditional expense, to publish, in occasional numbers, a Supplement, which will form a third volume in the course of the year, and comprise state papers and a summary of public events.

Thomas R. Peters, Esqr. of Philadelphia, proposes to publish a complete Statistical account of the state of Pennsylvania. To obtain the materials for this purpose, he has issued circular letters, requesting information on all the subjects which the work should embrace. The general utility of such a compilation is manifest. Il will, to use the writer's own words, “ exhibit to the legis. lator and statesman the true, and elevated, and legitimate objects to which their cares and their talents should be directed to the farmer and landholder the indate riches of our soil and the proper subjects of their industry and enterprise -to the artisan and manufacturer their independence for the subjects of their skill and the material of their ingenious labours, on foreign products-and to the community at large the sources of their enviable and progressive prosperity -it will exhibit to the world the inherent strength, the inexhaustible resources, and the substantial and unparalleled happiness with which a propitious heaven has blessed our country.”

Proposals have been issued for publishing in monthly numbers, a new peri. odical work, to be entitled the Portico. It is to contain miscellaneous letters and essays, original and selected criticisms, poetry, and a chronicle of interesting national events. The editor is spoken of as a mau of learning and talents.

J. Bacon, Esqr. of this state, proposes to publish, as soon as one thousand subscribers to his contemplated work shall have been obtained, a monthly jour. nal, to be entitled “ The Academical Herald and Journal of Education, devoted to the institutions of the United States.” It is intended to contain ample and minute information concerning the origin, progress, and present condition of the universities, colleges, academies, public schools, and every literary institution of this country. The price of the work will be six dollars per annum.

Thomas Dobson proposes to publish, by subscription, an American Register, or Summary of History, Politics, and Literature, to be issued semi-annually, and conducted by Robert Walsh, Esqr. The prospectus is neat, comprehensive, unostentatious and unassuming.


FROM LATE BRITISH PUBLICATIONS, The following original American works have-bconlately refuttuso:

ed in England: An edition of Messrs. Lewis and Clark's Travels to the Source of the Missouri and thence to the Pacific Ocean; in three volumes, octavo. Illustrated by maps.

Remarkable Sermons, by Rachel Baker, delivered during her sleep, with devotional exercises; and remarks by Dr. Mitchell. 12mo.

Exposition of the Causes and Character of the Late War with Great Britain. A pamphlet.

Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Martha Laurens Ramsay, of Charleston, S. Carolina; edited by David Ramsay, M. D. from the third American edition.

A work has been published in London, entitled The Naval Monitor; containing many useful hints for both the public and private conduct of the young gentlemen in or entering that profession in all its tranches; in the course of which, under the remarks on gunnery, are some observations on the naval ac. tions with America. Also, a plan for Improving the Naval System as it regards that most useful set of petty officers, the midshipmen. By an officer in the nam

vy. 12mo.

The East India Company have established a press in China, aud have andertaken to print, at their sole expense, a voluminous Chinese Dictionary, now executing by the Rev. Robert Mason, resident in China, and acting at present as Chinese interpreter to the factory at Canton.

Mr. Edmund L. Swift, barrister at law, a lineal descendant of the celebrated dean of St. Patrick, has in the press Waterloo, and other poems.

Dr. Henry is printing a new edition of his Elements of Chemistry, with very considerable additions and improvements.

Rev. P. Keith, F. L. S. is about to publish a system of Physiological Botany, in 2 vols. 8vo. with plates, drawn and engraved by Mr. Sowerby.

A Series of Fifteen Year's Correspondence of the late David Hume, Esgr. has lately been discovered. These letters, which are preparing for publication, are addressed between the years 1760 and 1775 to the countess de Boufflers and the marchioness de Barbantine, at that time two of the most distinguished ladies in France.

A new work has just appeared in Paris, and has already reached a 4th edition, entitled “ Loisirs de Buonaparte." The private hours of Napoleon Buonaparte from his earliest years to the period of his marriage with the arch duchess Maria Louisa, written by himself, during his residence in the island of Elba.

The author of “ Plain Sense” and “ Things by their right Names," has nearly completed her new work, entitled “ Rhoda.”

Mr. Chitty will soon publish, in three royal octavo volumes, a Comprehensive Treatise on the Practice of Criminal Law.

The Rev. Archibald Allison has a second volume of Sermons nearly ready for publication.

An Inquiry into the present state of the British Navy, with Reflections on the late War with America, is among the works whose speedy appearance is announced.

Mr. J. G. Jackson is preparing an edition of some fragments of Orations of Cicero, lately found in the Ambrosian Library at Milan.

A second solume is printing of “ Discourses on the Principles of Religious belief, as connected with Human Happiness and Improvement;" by the Rev. Robert Morehead..

Miri Ciabi has completed-for the press, his dictionary of English Sypony.


A System of Mechanical Philosophy, by the late John Robison, L. L. D. professor of natural philosophy in the University, and secretary to the Royal Society of Edinburg—with notes and illustrations, comprising the most recent discoveries in the physical sciences, is preparing for publication, by David Brewster, L. L. D. in four volumes, 8vo. with plates.

Mr. C. Fletcher, of Nottingham, is printing a work on the History of the Human Mind, deduced from the formation and analogy of language.

Captain Roebuck, of the college of Calcutta, announces a Hindoostanee and English Dictionary, comprising all the words in previous dictiovaries, with extensive additions of words and idiomatic phrases.

Ensign Houghton likewise is engaged on a Persian, Arabic, and English Dictionary, which is to include the technical language of arts and trades.

Speedily will be published, a pocket edition of Dr. William Cullen's Practice of Physic, containing all the moderu discoveries in medicine, with prescriptions according to the nomenclature of the new Pharmacopia; to which will be added, a table of the old and new names.

M. Orfila, a Spanish physician, has presented to the French Institute, an extensive work on Poisons, considered with respect to medicines and medical jurisprudence. We have only perused the first volume which treats of the poi. sons of mercury, antimony, and copper. The anthor has detailed many expe. riments on the difference which the presence of various aliments occasions in the way in which poisons act with the re-agents differences, wbich may, in cer. tain cases, disguise their properties and prevent us from ascertaining them; he has pointed out all the precautions necessary for coroners, lawyers, and medical men, when the ends of justice are to be attained. He has particularly endeavour. ed, with the greatest care, to verify all the known methods of arresting the deleierious effects of these poisons, and to find new remedies where the old have failed. Thus, according to M. Orfila, the only antidote against corrosive subli. mate is albumen or white of eggs dilated in water, and against verdigrise, common lump sugar, a result to which theory never would have led us.

In the press, and will be speedily published, Travels in Poland, Austria, Bavaria, Saxony, and the Tyrol. By baron d'Uklanski.

A new edition is preparing of the memoranda on the subject of the Earl of Elgin's Pursuits in Greece; to which will be added two Letters from Benjamin West, Esqr. descriptive of the subjects and sculptors of the Elgin marbles; notes on Phidias and his school, collected from ancient authors: and a description of the bas relief of the Parthenon. By M. Millin.

Sir F. C. Morgan, physician, is printing Outlines of the Philosophy of Lise; a work which has for its object the diffusion of a more general knowledge of the fundamental facts of physiology.

Mr. Pontey, author of the Forest Pruner's Assistant, is preparing a work on the Theory and Practice of Ornamental Gardening, which will form a quar: to volume, with numerous plates and illustrations.

The Rev. H. K. Bonney, prebendary of Lincoln, has in the press a Life of Jeremy Taylor, bishop of Down, with an account of his writings:

A new edition of the British Plutarch, with considerable additions, by Mr. Wrangham, is printing in six octavo volumes.

Messrs Highley and Son will publish in a few days, a Chemical Table, by Mr. Crowe, surgeon in the royal navy, exhibiting an elementary view of chemis. try, intended for the use of students and young practitioners in physic, also to revive the memory of more experienced persons, being very convenient for hang. ing in public and private libraries.

The Kev. H. Batten will soon publish a Report of a series of experiments in Education; showing that children will learn as much in one year by the interrogative system, as in four years by the ordinary methods.

Mrs. Bryan has in the press, a compendious Astronomical and Geographi: cal Class Book, for the use of families and young persons.

Mr. J. Coxe has in the press, a Picture of Italy, including a complete guide to all the curiosities and antiquities of that country, illustrated by maps and other engravings.

Mr. Donavan is printing his Essay on the origin, progress, and present state of Galvanism, which gained the prize of the Royal Irish Academy.

In a few days will be published, an Inquiry into the Integrity of the Greek Vulgate, or received Text of the New Testament; in which the Greek manuscripts are newly classed, the integrity of the authorized text vindicated, and the various readings traced to their origin. By the Rev. Frederick Nolan, a Presbyter of the United Church. 8vo. 16s. boards.

A new edition of the much esteemed Sermons of Martin Luther, accom: panied by a full length portrait of that great reformer, from the large German print, is in forwardness, and may be expected in the course of the month-one volume 8vo.

General Alexander Beatson, late governor of St. Helena, has in the press, in a quarto volume, Tracts on various subjects relative to St. Helena, written during a residence of five years; illustrated by engravings.

Early in the winter will be published, elegantly printed in 4to. and illus. trated by numerous engravings, Travels in various countries of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Volume the fourth, by Edward Daniel Clarke, L. L. D.

The Calcutta press appears to be in great activity, under the sanction of the present governor-general; nearly a score of interesting works being announced.

Among them are a translation of the New Testament into Arabic, by Mess. Thomason and Sabat; a grammar of the Telinga language, by professor Carey; a Chinese Grammar by the Rev. Mr. Morrison; Quamoos, an Arabic Lexicon, a Puujabee Dictionary, explained in Persian and Hindoostanee; a grammar of the Tartar language; besides translations into English of many poems, and moral treatises.

The Rev. T. R. Malthus, professor of history and political economy in the East India College, announces Miscellaneous Tracts and Observations on the most interesting and important subjects of Political Economy.

At length the literary desideratum of a Greek and English Lexicon is prepaping under the auspices of the University of Cambriilge, by the Rev. E. V. Bloomfield, fellow of Emanuel College, highly respected for his classical acquirements. This was amongst the projects of the late Gilbert Wakefield, and was announced by him a short time before his lamented and premature decease. We are assured that Mr Bloomfield is fully qualified to do justice to the design of Mr. Wakefield: his resources are abundant, and assistance has been tendered to bím by many of the ablest scholars in the country. It is understood that he will avail himself of all existing lexicons and indexes, and particularly of Schnei. der's Greek and German Lexicon. The patronage of the University is stated to have been liberal. The completion of this design cannot fail to increase the study of the Greek language, the approaches to which, among English students, have hitherto been embarrassed by the inedium of the Latin.

The Highland Society of London has appointed a committee of correspondence and papers, and proposes to publish, from time to time, a volume of original com. munications relative to Celtic antiquities. Among the members of this committee the names of lord chief baron Macdonald, sir John Sinclair, Mr. Galt, and Dr. M•Kinnon are mentioned. The society, we likewise hear, has it in contemplation to publish a cheap ellition of the poems of Ossian in the original language, for the use of the Gaelic schools in Scotland.


BOOKS REPUBLISHED IN DECEMBER. By M. Carey, Philadelphia.-Humboldt's personal narrative of Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of the New Continent. 1 vol. 8vo. 275 cents.

Moore's Irish Melodies. 1 vol. 18mo. 75 cents.

The Heroine. A romance, by E S. Barret, Esquire. 2 vols. 18mo. 150 cents.

J. Conrad & Co.-Labaume's Narrative of the Campaign in Russia, with plans of the Battles, &c. 1 vol. 8vo.

250 cents. Coale & Maxwell, Baltimore.-Anster Fair, with other poems. 1 vol. 18mo 75 cents.

J. Belden & Co and Van Winkle & Wiley, New York-Cobbet's Letters on the late War between the United States and Great Britain. 1 vol. 8vo. $2.

M Dermut & Arden, New York. The Juvenile Lavater, by George Brewer, author of “ Leisure Hours," &c. 1 vol. 18mo. Wood cuts. 87 1. cents.

Wells & Lilly, Boston.-Vol. 3 of Cowper's Poems; containing his Posthuinous Poetry, and a Sketch of his Life. By his kinsman, John JOHNSON, L. L. D. 1 vol. 24mo.

Practical Hints to Young Females, on the Duties of a Wife, a Mother, and a Mistress of a Family. By Mrs. Taylor.

R. P. & C. Williams, Boston.- A Christian Minister's Affectionate Ad. vice to a New Married Couple. I vol. 12mo.

IN PRESS, By Van Tirikle & Wiley, N. York.--"Says she to her Neighbour, What?” By Mrs. Hofland, author of Son of a Genius, &c. 2 vols. 12mo.

J. Riley.--Second volume Digest of American Reports, 3d vol. Munforil, and 9th Taunton's Reports.

A Treatise on the Law relative to the Rights of Lien and Stoppage in Transitu. By Richard Whitaker, Esqr.

The Law of Carriers, lun-Keepers, Warehousemen, &c. By Henry Jere

my, Esqr.

E. Earle, Philadelphia, and Easthurn, Kirk & Co. New York. The Last Travels of Jungo Parke; with his Biography, and an account of his Death: accompanied with a large and valuable corrected Map of that part of Africa, through which he twice trarelled.

Cian-Albin, a national tale. 3 rols. 12mo.

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