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counts I should be particularly sorry to give offence, for the freedom I have taken. I trust, however, that the liberality of mind, which naturally accompanies that love and know. ledge of the fine arts for which he is so distinguished, will make him feel that in criticising modern gardening, it would have been unfair to Mr. Brown not to bave mentioned his most famous work; and that my silence on that head, would have been attributed to other motives than those of delicacy and respect. I must also add in my defence, that I can hardly look upon Blenheim in the light of common private property: it has the glorious and singular distinction of being a national reward for great national services: and the public has a more than common interest, in all that concerns so noble a monument.

P.341, 1.16. The language (if it may be so called) by

which objects of sight make themselves intelligible, is exactly like that of speech. To a man who is used to look at naturę, pictures, or drawings with a painter's eye, the slightest hint, on the slightest inspection, conveys perfect and intelligible meaning; just as the slightest sound, with the most negligent are ticulation, conveys meaning to an ear that is well acquainted with the language of the speaker : but to a person little versed in that language, such a sound is quite unintelligible ;

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he must have every


pronounced distinctly and articulately.

Then again, as these slight hints and slurred articulations, have often a grace and spirit in Janguage which is lost when words are distinctly pronounced; so many of these slight and expressive touches both in art and in nature, give most pleasure to those who are thoroughly versed in the language. This may, perhaps, in some degree account for the plainly marked distinctions in improvement; for as in order to convey any idea to a man unused to a language addressed to one sense, you must mark every word; so to a man unused to it when addressed to another sense you must mark every object; must cut sharp lines, must whiten, redden, blacken, &c. &c.


J. O. Barnard, Printer,
Skinner-stieet, London.





By Richard Pulteney, M. D. F. R. S. The Second Edition ; with Corrections, considerable Additions, and Memoirs of the Author. By William George Maton, M. D'F. Ř. S. P.S. A. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, and a Vice-president of the Linnæan Society of London.

To which is annexed, the Diary of Linnæus, written by himself, and now translated into English, from the Swedish Manuscript, in Possession of the Editor. Handsomely printed in one large Volume, Royal 4to. (uniform in Size and Type with the Transactions of the Linnæan Society of London), and embellished with Portraits of Linnæus and Dr. Pulteney, · with a fine Plate of Melals, and a Fac-Simile of Linnæus's Hand-writing. 11. 11s. 60. boards.

An HISTORICAL VIEW of the ENGLISH GOVERN, MENT, from the Settlement of the Saxons in Britain to the present, Time; with some Dissertations connected with the History of the Government. By John Millar, Professor of Law in the University of Glasgow. 4 vols. 8vo. 11. 12s. boards.

TOURS in WALES, by THOMAS PENNANT, Esq. in 3 Vols. 8vo. 21. 5s. boards, and Royal paper, 31. 13s. 6d.

CHARACTERS of the late CHARLES JAMES FOX; selected, and in part Written, by PhiloPATRIS VARVICENSIS. With Notes by the Editor. In 2 Vols. Svo. 20s. boards.

MEMOIRS of the LIFE and WRITINGS of Sir PHILIP: Sidney. By Thomas Zouch, D.D. F.L.S. Prebendary of Durham. Second Edition.

“ Nor love thy life, nor hate; but what thou liv'st
“ Live well; how long, or short, permit to Heaven:”

MILTON. Handsomely printed in Lemy 4to, with a fine Portrait of Sir Philip Sidney, beautifully engraved by C. Warren. 11. 58. boards.

The HISTORY of FRANCE, under the Kings of the. Race Valois, from the Accession of Charles the Fifth, in 1364, to the Death of Charles the Ninth, in 1574.' By Nathaniel William Wraxall, Esq. The Third Edition, with very considerable Augmentations, 2 vols. 8vo. 16s. boards:- By the same Author, A TOUR THROUGH the WESTERN, SOUTHERN, and INTERIOR PROVINCES of FRANCE, in the Years 1775 and 1776. Third Edition, corrected and augmented, As, boards.

Books published by J. Mawman. The HISTORY of BARBADOS, from the first Discovery of the Island, in the Year 1605, till the Accession of Lord Seaforth, 180}. By John Poyer. Neatly printed in one large 410. Volume, 11. lis. 6d. boards.

The TRAVELS of ANACHARSIS the Younger, in Greece, during the Middle of the Fourth Century, before the Christian Ara; translated from the French of the late Abbé Barthelemy.

To which are prefixed, Memoirs of the Life of J. J. Barthelemy' written by himself in 1792 and 1793; with a Portrait of the Author. Handsomely printed in 7 Vols. 8vo. and an eighth in 4to. containing Maps, Planș, Views, and Coins, illustrative of the Geography and Antiquities of Ancient Greece. A new Edition, being the Fourth, price 41. 4s. boards, and Royal paper, 61. 6s. boards.

MEMORIALS of NATURE and ART; collected on a Journey in Great Britain, during the Years 1802 and 1803, By Christian Angustus Gottlieb Goëde. Translated from the original German, by Thomas Horne, in 3 Vols. small 8vo. price 16s. 6d. boards.

The HISTORY of SCOTLAND, from the Union of the Crowns, on the Accession of James VI. to the Throne of England, to the Union of the Kingdoms in the Reign of Queen Anne.

The Second Edition, corrected, with a Preliminary Dissertation ou the Participation of Mary Queen of Scots in the Murder of Darnley. By Malcolm Laing, Esq. 4 Vols. 8vo. 11. 168. boards.

*** The Dissertation may be had separate, tu complete the former Edition, price 188,

ANNALS of COMMERCE, MANUFACTURES, FISHERIES, and NAVIGATION; with brief Notices of the Arts and Sciences connected with them. Containing the Commercial Transactions of the British Empire, and other countries, from the earliest Accounts to the Meeting of the Union Parliament, in January, 1801. By David Macpherson. Neatly printed on Medium Paper, in four large Volumes, 4to, price 81. 8s. in boards,

HOLLINSHED's, HALL's, and GRAFTON'S CHRONICLES of ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, and IRELAND; 9 Vols. 4to. 191. 19s. boards.

TOMB of ALEXANDER. A Dissertation on the Sarcophagus brought from Alexandria, and now in the British Museum. By Edward Daniel Clarke, LL. D. Handsomely printed in Quarto, with five beautiful Plates, by Medland, 18s. boards.

PLUTARCH's LIVES. Translated from the Original Greek; with Notes, Critical and Historical; and a Life of Plutarch. By John Langhorne, D. D. and William Langhorne, A. M. A new Edition, in six Volumes, with Corrections and Additions, by the Rev. Francis Wrangham, M. A. F. h. S. 8vo. 3). 3s. boards, and eight Vols. 12mo. 11. 168. boards.

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