Laws enacted in the general assembly of the commonwealth

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Seite 270 - ... case it shall and may be lawful for any justice of the peace of the county or place where such servant in husbandry, &c.
Seite 406 - Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in General Assembly met : That our Senators in Congress be, and they are hereby, instructed, and our Representatives requested, to...
Seite 89 - ... be entitled to all the rights and privileges, and be subject to all the liabilities and...
Seite 208 - ... capital stock, and the increase and profits thereof, and of enlarging the same, from time to time, by new subscriptions, in such manner and form as they shall think proper, if such enlargement shall be...
Seite 149 - ... shall be capable in law to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, in any of the courts of law...
Seite 345 - ... shall be subscribed, they shall certify, under their hands and seals, the names of the subscribers...
Seite 419 - Columbia ; and that our Senators in Congress be and they are hereby instructed, and our Representatives requested, to vote for such legislation as will best carry out the spirit and meaning of the foregoing resolution,
Seite 382 - Smith, and their associates, be and they are hereby created a body corporate and politic, with perpetual succession, by the name and style of the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce and Merchants...
Seite 50 - Three for one year, three for two years, and three for three years, and members shall be eligible for reappointment.
Seite 87 - Bartles, and all other persons who may hereafter be associated with them in the manner hereinafter provided, and their successors, shall be and are hereby constituted and declared to be a body politic and corporate...

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