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THE MODERN DUNCIAD, VIRGIL IN LONDON, and The Times, are again presented to the public, with such revision as the author's most careful attention could bestow


them. Their original reception was highly gratifying. They had the good fortune to be approved by many of the best judges, and censured by some of the worst.

An extensive sale justified the favourable opinion of the critics, and afforded the author an opportunity in subsequent editions, of showing the dunces how little he was moved by their abuse, and how much he despised it.

From the publication of this volume arise some mournful recollections. Many of those who cheered him in his pursuit of the divine art of poesy, are gathered to that house where none have saluted, and none have replied.” Would that the generous encouragement which stimulated his early enthusiasm, had crowned his latest effort to perpetuate the humble fruits of his solitary hours !

Yet some there are (ere spent my vital days)
Within whose breasts my tomb I wish to raise :
Lov'd in my life, lamented in my end,
Their praise would crown me, as their precepts mend.”

July, 1835.

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