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Grew dark to me,-'twas mine to shun

His early rising, noon-tide blaze: I sought the wood's untrodden ways,

And pac'd, with melancholy tread, The church-yard's solitary ways,

To hold communion with the dead.

Hark! 'twas a whisper from the tomb :

“Why, suff'rer, wilt thou ling'ring stay? Doth parent earth deny thee room,

Now all thy joys are pass'd away? Grief, disappointment, doubt, dismay,

Unhallow'd love, and rage severe, Disturb'd us thro' life's feverish day,

But cannot break our slumber here."

I've seen in heav'nly visions bright

Those seats where blessed spirits dwell; Eternal fields of living light,

Such as no mortal tongue may tell; And in the lowest depths of hell

I've listen'd to the hideous scream Of angels who did once rebel

And started from the fearful dream!

peace ne'er charm my

breast again? I frantic cried and breath'd a pray'r,

When darting swift across my brain

Distraction came—the fiend was there!
Then loud, in agony, despair,

I ask'd of pitying heav'n to die;
And frenzied, with my bosom bare,

Defied the bolt that thunder'd by.

I've thought that in a brittle bark

They bore me o'er the boundless deep,
And plac'd me as misfortune's mark

On some lone shore, or rocky steep,
Where I have sat me down to weep,

While the loud billows foam'd below;
Doom'd one eternal watch to keep,

An immortality of woe.

Would that the soul might sleep in dust,

And with her mortal part expireWhat! shall th’ Eternal prove unjust?

Vain, selfish, impotent desire ! For me suspend his dreadful ire ?

For me his sword of vengeance sheathe? My heart is wrung, my brain's on fire,

Hell opens, and I sink beneath !

Att. Be calm, for 'tis thy hour of death,

The conflict sad will soon be o'er~

Be calm, nor spend thy lab’ring breath

In ravings wild—a little more,
And thou shalt reach that unknown shore-

Seek Him whose pow'r alone can saveYes, while thou canst, thy sin deplore :

There's no repentance in the grave.

O listen to the Saviour's voice

-Son of adversity, draw near, And I will make thy heart rejoice,

And I will wipe each falling tear.. Art thou a penitent sincere ?

My promise, Sinner, sets thee free.-Then humbly hope; thy title's clear ;

The great atonement was for thee.

Pen. O Thou, before whose throne I kneel,

Accept, though late, repentance deep : Remorse hath touch'd this heart of steel,

These stubborn eyes have learn’d to weep. Cold death-like shiv'rings o’er me creep,

Strange phantoms swim before my sight; One pang, and then the last, long sleep;

But morn succeeds a moonless night!

Bear me above, ye heav'nly choir,

To where yon sounds celestial ring!

Hark! 'tis an angel strikes the lyre,

A sinner reconcil'd to sing !
I mount on Hope's exulting wing,

What floods of glory meet my eyes !-
Att. — 'Tis past, and death hath lost his sting:

The Soul hath reach'd her native skies.


Haste thee hither, Sisters three,
Music, Painting, Poesy !
Music, chauntress, that was born
On creation’s glorious morn,
When the stars in choral hymn,
And the sweet-voic'd cherubim,
Sang the goodness and the might
That from chaos call’d the light:-
Painting, that is wont to trace
Gentleness, expression, grace,
And, with never-fading hue,
Ev'ry flow'r that drinks the dew :-
Poesy, companion meet,
Making solitude more sweet,
Rapt with some inspiring theme,
Avon ! by thy silver stream-
Each from her celestial sphere
Deign awhile to linger here,
And with various pow'rs combin'd,
Charm the ear, the eye, the mind.

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