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The gift of heav'n, my solace and my pride,
To themes unworthy of her sacred fire.
But like the bird that carols in the morn
With notes of joy, and at the close of day
Pours forth a parting song and sinks to rest,
When morning rises, and when ev’ning falls,
In sunshine and in shade, be Thou my

theme ! And when pale death, disarm'd of ev'ry sting, Shall hush the fault'ring music of my lyre, May my rejoicing spirit, freed from sin, And ev'ry mortal stain, to Thee ascend A pure

and fit inhabitant for heav'n, Worthy its great Creator! there to join With angels and archangels, in the song Of man's redemption, and of Him whose birth Recording seraphs hail'd with hymns of joy, Till heav'n's eternal courts responsive breath'd Celestial music--whose sojourn below Was mark'd with sorrow, infamy, and death. In majesty, on God's right hand, behold He sits the righteous judge; his bruised head No more encircled with a crown of thorns, But princely diadem-Glory to thee, Fountain of light and life, for this sure hope, That my immortal spirit shall awake With new-born rapture from her earthly tomb, And thro' eternal ages sing thy love In hymns of endless joy, and endless praise.



O FOR a sound more soft and clear,
Than burst upon the ravish'd ear,

When touch'd with God's ethereal fire,
The holy Bard, in lofty lays,
Broke forth in prophecy and praise,

And bade his soul-subduing lyre
Foretell the bright events of future days!

And Thou, who tun'd the varying strings

Of David's harp to sounds of woe,
When angels bow'd their silver wings

To hear the heav'nly numbers flow,
When I attempt immortal rhyme,
A theme so sacred, so sublime,

That bade all heav'n with hallelujahs ring;
Let holy zeal each note prolong,
And breathe thy spirit o'er the song

OfGod's anointed Son, and heav'n'seternal King!

O Salem ! what a day is thine,
Behold the Star of mercy shine,

See hope her hallow'd temple rears! Lift up your eyes, and hail the morn, To you a holy babe is born,

The child of promis'd years ;
Music floats on ether wings,
The woods rejoice, the desart sings!

Bow your heads, ye mountains high,

Assembled nations prostrate fall Hark! the hills exulting cry

“He brings salvation down to all!”.

Softly sweet the echo rings-
Glory to the King of Kings !

And peace to men be giv'n.—”
Praise him ye planets as ye roll,
Ye stars that gild yon shining Pole,
And all


Hosts of heav'n !

Lo, the sound hath reach'd the skies ! Hark! what strains seraphic rise

Among the heav'nly choirsList'ning saints their voices raise, Swell the chorus of his praise,

And strike their golden Lyres !

To thee redemption's work is dear, Thy love shall wipe the sinner's tear,


Thy hand his cruel bondage break :The dumb shall lift their song to thee, The lame shall walk, the blind shall see;

Thy voice shall bid the dead awake !

To those of meek and lowly heart,
Thy grace shall sov’reign balm impart,

And prove the saints' eternal guide ;
The fainting soul thy Shepherd's care
Shall gently lead to pastures fair,

Where Zion's crystal waters glide.

No more shall war, with iron reign,

His death-denouncing trumpet blow;* Heap up his mountains of the slain,

And fill the world with woe.

But heav'nly Peace, on dove-like wing,
To all shall loud Hosannahs sing,

While heathen lands, with cheerful voice,
A Saviour's glory shall proclaim,
And learn the music of his name,

Afric, behold thy King-rejoice! rejoice!

In that dread hour of mortal doom,

When Death shall final ruin spread ;

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“ His war-denouncing trumpet took."-Collins. And earth, from ev'ry yawning tomb

Shall render up her dead

Thy saints, on wings of angels borne,
With joyful hymns shall hail the morn,

When, to relieve the sinner's woes,
To save his soul from guilty fears,
And wipe away repenting tears,

Prompt at the gracious call, the Star of Mercy


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