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The question being “Shall the hill pass ?" the yeas and nays were ordered, tuken, and resulted-seas 23, navs 7, az ful ows:

Those who voted in the affirmative wire-:

M-AIS Brebe, Eygleston. Fiejshmin, II rper, Ilartehorn, Hitchcock, Ilr, Jack-o.1, Kelly, Kub of II milton, Kirby of Wyanriot, Moore, Mounta, O'lagan. Parker, Perkins, Pond, Richards, Sko, Tyler, Van Cleaf, Wilkins of Fulton, and Wikins of Tuscarawa---23.

Those wi o voted in the negative we'eMs-rs. Beer, Carran, Chine, Creamer, Entrekin, Sultzgaber, and Str:rg-7.

Siine bill pass d. The tiile wis agreed to. SB N. 287: T fix the salary of the Cierk of the Supreme CourtWESrtat tha third tim .

Mr. P id moved tirer said b'll (S. B No 257) (o select com. mit'

poloe, wih instructions to arrendum s lon Siriku out in line 2, the words "anehu Jan;" and, in line 3, the word- Ovest tirta! "?


Th Pejelent a inter] 1[r Pulsaid (omnitine, who re;'ontol he biil lak Bállatorii i strutil.

Mr. Ilite kock m ed to siersi!!'! GB No. 257) to a sulet vommi't put on, wii intrathin kassilis:

Strik uto: lips 5 . Vad' tive."

Onwichtin...!!!! I wan: ” were allied lakri, sultado" , 19. fi.W : T utti !:-) Voici list will initti amar -

HI - T- Bes, clip, !! Ehk, Kiiy t \'yan!)., Per Richadi, arr Si'74 , -T

TILS.Norue'in tiennytter?Mas (irs 11. Cijs (" r"; 'y kind. I ope'ITD.,1,, Jac Klls, Kipoll in on, I wro, Vili 5, l'ipol na pol, Sii! Sion T:r. Win! f il..., dini Wlkindos () T un Tuan


So the motion was distrito Tev pomi) soninin d to 'l one?" hii nili, Types oli ll. 1: 1 iln'', 'tid-


niiss, issium to: The sta W''O VOdin '', '

i l tivo M Biash, fir ni'!', c i pu Erm 0), Ept. ;), IIr, r. II. r shell, ller Jean, Kol!, Kirji Il mion, Irie's Nice Prk:lis, P., Ri', ill, S. KS, S S deed Wikiisi Tiin û wati — 20

Those w':O) "ofoil in the entire woro-

MI - r* Br. ('orizonte, Ilitrohrck Krby of Wyan:01, Oʻ!Ingin, Pukor, Sa'tiqab r, aus Wilkintoi Filion ..

So the bill pas-ed. Trilo Wis a rard to Mr. Erlon overd to) t ke 'rom uita le S B 1971: T 7,6id section 1 of an act to provide compensaion for mantis vi elity, city, and State boards (eqv.izition, for the eqilization | a;;ale. Dient of real esta'e appraist d in 1881, passed April 15, ISSU. Which ws agreed to. .

The periding question bing the motion tor consider the vote by which sa'd bill was am ndert on Trursday, January 27, the year and nays were demandeel taken, and resulte'l-yräs 20, nay: 5, as follows:

Tuose who voted in the aflirmative were

Mesars. Beebe, Beer, Carlisle, Carran, Cline, Creamer. Eggleston, Entrekin, Harper, Jackson, Kelly, Kirby of Hamilton, Kirby of Wyandot, Moore, Mounts, O'Ilagan, Richards, Saltzgaber, Sinks, and Strong-20.

Those who voted in the negative were-
Me-srs. Harper, Hartshorn, Hitchcock, Parker, and Perkins-5.
So the motion was agreed to, and said vote reconsidered.
Mr. Pond withdrew his motion to amend said bill.

The question then being "Shall the bill pass ?” the yeas and nays were ordered, taken, and re-ulted-yeas 22, nays 1, as follows:

Those who voted in the affirmative wereMessrs. Beebe, Beer, Carlisle, Carran, Cline, Creamer, Eggleston, Entrekin, Harper, Hartshorn. Horr, Jackson, Kelly, Kirby of Wyandot, More, Mounts, O'Hagan, Pund, Richards, Saltzgaber, Strong and Wilkins of Tuscarawas—22.

Mr. Hitchcock voted in the negative.
S) the bill passed. The title was agreed to.
Bills were introduced and read the first time, as follows:

S. B No 300—Mr. O'Higan : To amend sections 1260, 1261, 1262 and 1263 of the Revised Statutes of Ohio.

S. B. No. 301-Mr. Carlisle: For relief of Thomas Myers, late treasurer of Amanda township, Fairfield county.

S. B No. 302—Mr. Kelly : To authorize certain townships to purchase certain real estate for railroad purposes, to construct machine shops, and to issue bonds therefor, and to authorize additional taxation to meet the principal and interest of said bonds.

S. B No. 303—Mr. Strong: To amend section 4476 of the Revised Statutes of Ohio.

S. B. No. 304—Mr. O'Hagan: To provide for furnishing a series of readers for the use of the common schools of the State.

S. B. No. 30—Mr. Harper: To amend section 6302 of the Revised Statutes.

S. B No. 306—Mr. Eggleston : Supplementary to the act relating to cities of the first class having a population exceeding 150,000 inhabit. ants, passed May 4, 1869.

S. B. No. 307-Mr. Eggleston : To regulate the charges for sleeping and palace cars or coaches within the State of Ohio.

S. B. No. 308—Mr. Eggleston : To authorize the issue of bonds to supply certain deficiencies in cities of the first class, and for other pur. poses.


Mr. President:

The following bills have been introduced in the House of Representatives and read the first time :

H. B. No. 689—Mr Tyler of Licking: To authorize the trustees of Granville township, Licking county, to levy a tax and issue bonds to raise money to repair the town ball in said townsbip.

H. B. No, 690–Mr. Howard: To establish the fees and compensation of certain county officers in counties having at the federal census of 1870 a population of not less than 46,000 and not more than 52,000, and being supplemental to sections 1013 to 1162 of the Revised Statutes, incluBive.

H. B. No. 691-Mr. Kerr: Supplemental to section 306 of the Revised Statutes.

H. B. No. 692—Mr. Ebright: To amend section 2434 of the Revised Statutes.

H B. No. 693—Mr. McCullough: To create two voting precincts in Auglaize township, Allen county.

H. B. No. 691–Mr. Greene: To authorize the council of the city of Xenia to sell the city hospital in said city.

H B No. 695-Mr. Scott of Warren: To amend section 34 of the Revised Statutes.

H. B. No. 696—Mr. Davis: To amend section 4836 of the Revised Statutes.

H. B. No. 697—Mr. Crites: To amend section 1706 of the Revised Statutes. Attest:

D. J. EDWARDS, Clerk. Mr. Mounts submitted the following report:

The committee on Medical Colle es and Societies, to whom was referred H B. No. 470: Supplementary to section 4103 of the Revised Statutes of Ohio-having had the same under consideration, report it back, with following amendments, and recommend its passage, when so amended:

After the word “aforesaid,” in line 16, strike out “shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and."

And in line 28, after the word, “Ohio,” strike out "shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and.”

J. L. Mounts, Gro. W. MOORE,

John A. WILKINS, W. C. CLINE. Said amendments were agreed to.

Said bill was ordered to be engrossed and read the third time to-morrow. Mr. Pond submitted the following report:

The committee on Judiciary, to whom was referred H. B. No. 531 : To amend section 5241 of the Revised Statutes-having bad the same under consideration, report it back, and recommend its indefinite postponement.

F. B. Pond,


LYMAN J. JACKSON, G. M. SALTZGABER. Said bill was indefinitely post poned. Mr. Wilkins of Tuscarawas moved to reconsider the vote by which H. B. No. 258 was lost. Which was agreed to.

Oo motion of Mr. Wilkins of Tuscarawas, said bill was laid upon the table. Mr. Richards offered tbe following resolution, which was adopted:

S. R. No. 84: Resolved, That the Secretary of State be requested to fur. nish the Sergeant-at Arms with twenty-five copies of the Revised Statutes, for the use of the Senate. On motion of Mr. Richards, the Senate adjourned. Attest:


THURSD ; Y, February 3, 1831--10 O'CLOCK A.M. The Senite met pursuant to adjournment. Payor by R v. W. E. More. TnJurn il was red and approved. Bill was real the guco dime, an 1 referred as fo'l.w3: SB No. 295: To regulate stro's viril compinis, to fix their chartes, to " puvish extortion and unjizst, discrimination in the management thereof, and to provi le for chart fir tri 14Drtation,

R-ferred'o a select committe of thes, consisting o Messrs. Marriott, Eg"), son, 011 Carran.

S. B. N296: For the rerrylation of children's homes and industrial schoi's Antili haud under the contril incorpora


n the Site in cou tipontzinire a citro' tlies first cazwan o dorille and tirepral an (t - 11:7,11 m ntary to th? at it 1-70 for the pateb imment, sunpirt, and reg latin of policrenshop in the visioning and chilimasis hom s linijos in this Site'pushed pr. 21, 1577. (). Ls. Vul 71, p. 12.) R Vis Sirit'iten Ohio

TOCH't Han Rom Shelfur Broad Ind41-4774? Il me for Girls.

S. BV. 29: Porady in the trail lipot Lippi, Alu, ai due estilihan utf their p l ot tositaron los nilor li sinnlit. tons, Olan Spotion-0 09!!!ī lifb: Riin Stut-of Olio, and innego 10:10 am and dig h et, ***I do? I tri nas ne noptions 6:1, 6:7 Ce ii 01.0?rd ti rii) il popolo ( 5 02.183 0 1,057, 60 CT, Img 09, 6.0), 091 all ot lys R vigo Soistu posto) () 10, puidpi 14, 149.), trato sa exis

e tiiril, i civile, of the T:)(

O D ! foto 01 n ini ?". M. ľn ('

ida k ail Wingrirt Ul.?! Omarichi yo'e 0. S. B. No.

This name }; 11, reliid, hp tuned in the name i'e. S. B. 1:28: Tiss} scl nec ! (93. il if ile Niinid Satuts of Orick li ti thun. VIr. li come in sex vido

i? 'l' (S. B. 1:279; 102 sleutenmi, pro012, wir, 1-ruto - tu amn: lita'! ).Ini

Skus Polisi) ti-W}"" riceti 11." Orli in illo investice din !, Luik in sul resui ---- On! Sisiini

This listiind this winti" w rr---

V-t. B :-r. C!"oc's Clip it horlamnor, Irtson, Ilinie ck, II r, Kly Kriv of Ilmni n, Kry di Villa Vuns; P kis, P . Riili S rbir. S 16-, Surin Sulivat, cind Wakiwo: TusC. l lis-1).

Tir? 1 ) voel in the pritive more -M s Est -0), EisekinJack ., More, OI: ), Parker, Van Clind kiusor Fulon-8. Sithi mtiin li atpilt).

Th- P14-11ent i!!)nt | Mr. Ilie Cock said commitee of one, who re), pith-biad back, amend das instructed

Mr. Sulliva! mirant that said bill be indefinitly pou poned.

On which mution tha sex and neys were dimaidud, tuken, and resulird-yas 10, nars 18, 68 fu lus:

Those wh voted in the affirmative wereMS-r-, Cremer, Hirt-boru, Hitchcock, IIorr, Mire, Parker, Pozd, Rihards, String, and Sullivan-11).

Those who voted in the 1) gative werpMussrs. Beer, Carran Cline, Eggleston, Entrekin, Fleischmann, Ilarper, Juuksu., Kuly, Kirby of Wyundut, Mounts, O'Higan, Perkins,

Salt zgaher, Sinks, Van Cleaf, Wilkins of Fulton, and Wilkins of Tuscariwa -18.

Sithe notion was disagreed to:
Mr. Wilkins of Tu-ciriwas moved to lay sai l bill unon the table.

On which motion the versand nays were demanded, taken, and reEu ted-reas 8, naye IS, as follows:

Those who voel in the afli matiyr verfa

VI.s-ra. Cramr. II:2 jer, Iforr, Mirriott, Pirker, Sinks, Strong, and Wilkins of Tuscaal 1-8.

Thise who vo'ed in the negative wire

JI-ssrs. Casin, Cline, E. glost, n, E rkin, Fleischmann, II urtehorn, II: ( Cok, Jick-on, Kliri Mre, Munts, Olgin, Parainn, Pud, Richards, Sil z Labs, Van Cled, and Wilkins oi Futur-15.

Siti- 110101: was discrimps 10,

Mr. Typr most int su d bill be mad the spread o der for next Wednud pintis vclock p bl.

On which moi i he yeas al rays were demand, taken, and result d--;4*5.), var-21, a. fio :

TO' LOW lid in the alliinitive Wire Cremr, Etkin, Murioit, Tsier, an'l Wikins of TustaraWan-5.

T!O P W Oyoidhin tengive Wre

M-r. Bu,;** , Cham, Eiroatian, Isis rin, II:rpar, II'rtsIrina II., crk, Lorii Jikan, Kli, kry of fun! Kiny of Wyo'naltiri, un, Ordirin. Pius, Pirl, Bitund, Sniz bir, St Still the line til alle Wwilsu Funida----21. Silla; 010 Wii riisit

Tie qui $10. oldal well "hu the bil ?" thivelend nay3 West od tri, ti"), 'La pou! plus 17, widowie, usiwia si

Tlusel toiditlinikintilpo bo po uro.

M-577. Calita' ('li', Erlis ; n, Ei n. :121", Jenn, Kiri Ki Dyvi 11 lice i Vine , Uliitoill, Sunizijn) .; Solini, liter, Van Cheat, al llibirsof Forty--15.

T.,13 ) Vonnuiestitamp

VI 15. B pop rimui r, 11hmnvi tenk, II r, Kiby - liinilton, lot, Pikis, Pra, Ribadeks, Sunny Side Büddy and Wiwillif Ti aria-}3. Sithly i. W -1 . Mr. Sus irin' the iOS. Ort:

Tu jin' (mwilir cond Linnat 1. VU eminin, ünil flud correrily Brillost the fir Lwine bll:

II- B. Vo 5 O: To po ovium jus i fiicsit's all prout of bort. ,y the commi-sol

e t Scoon uity, Onio, to meet and Ouviera uchi's licy in the coun y current iund.

L. M. S RONG, J. L. C PYT,

II. R SUTI, C. R. HARMIN II B. No. 47: Surplimentary to section 4103 of the Revised Statutes of O210-W s re.d the third time

The quest'on h-ing "Shill the bill pigs?" the peas and nays were orderid, iaken, and r: slited-V, 14 26, wars 3, as follows: .

Tho e who voted in the afirma ive were MESIR. Bor, Carlisle, Curran, Ciine, Cremer, Eggleston, Fleischmann, Harper, Hartshorn, II vrr, Jackson, Killy, Kirby of Hamilton,

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