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has greatly declined, since every vilThe consecration of the new Parish lage has its shop, every road its traChurch of Windsor, has been performed vellers, and long credit has succeeded by the Bishop of Salisbury. Contri- to ready money.- -A diving bell, butions for the relief of the distressed under the direction of a sub-marine Irish flow in with encreasing speed in adventurer called Crusoe, has been this county

shipped from London for Holland, to CAMBRIDGESHIRE.

recover the cargo of a vessel sunk W.C. Walters, esq. B. A. of Jesus there twenty-two years ago. College, has been elected a Fellow of

DORSETSHIRE. that Society -Mr. G. Hume, and Mr. A few days since, fourteen antique J. Chapman, scholars of King's College, lances, or swords, were dug up in have been admitted Fellows of that Wetherbury Castle, Rings, near Milsociety-The Rev. H. Pepys, B. D. bourne, by some labourers who were Fellow of St. John's College, has been removing a thorn bush. They are in presented by the Masters and Fellows a good state of preservation. of that Society, to the Rectory of

DURHAM. Moreton, in Essex, vacant by the death The subscription entered into at of the Rev. W. Wilson, B. D.

Stockton for the relief of the Irish, Doctors in Divinity.The Rev. W. amounts to 1381. 98. 7. His Grace Ainger, of St. Jobn's College, superin. the Duke of Athol, has given fifty bartendant of the Clerical Institution, at rels of Herrings to the Liverpool ComSt. Bee's, in 'Cumberland, the Rev. J. mittee for the relief of the distressed Jeffery, of St. John's College.

Irish. - The bones of the famous Doctors in Physic.-C. Hewit, Esq. horse, Eclipse, in a case, are now of

Douning, Professor of Med.-J. Č. fered for sale at 1,000 guineas. Badeley, Esq. of Caius College.- Sir

ESSEX R. Anstruther, Bart. of Trinity College, Wanstead - House. The influx of has been admitted Honorary Master of persons to view this splendid mansion Arts.

during the auction, was so very great, CHESHIRE.

that, on an average, there were not less The Rev. J. N. Frame, Ashton-under- than from three to five thousand daily. Line, has been prescated to the per- The furniture was of surprising magni. petual Incumbancy of Stayley Bridge. ficence, the carpets and hangings alone CORNWALL,

having cost £60,000. The family arms On the 9th June, fifty children were of Tilney and Wellesley were embroi. baptized in the parish Church of St. dered on all the carpets. The walls, Austle, and on the following day, as well as the wiudows, were hung with nineteen-total sirty-nine in two suc- the richest Genoa velvet, with three cessive days!

-Menheliot and Gram- borders of gold lace, at three guineas pound fairs have been fully supplied and a half per yard.-We understand, with cattle, which sold at very low that the three magnificent paintings in prices.-Throughout the county, the the entrance hall, are destined to decoseason promises abundant crops, and rate the walls of the principal staircase particularly fruits.

at Leeds Castle, in this county. CUMBERLAND.

GLOUCESTERSHIRE, The Rev. H. Lowther, A. M. has A number of locusts alighted in a been presented, by the Earl of Lons- field at Kingswood, near Bristol, on the dale, to the rectory of Bolton, vacant 18th of June. One was picked up, by the death of the Rev. R. Watts. which measured three inches in length; At a collection made in Cockermouth it had horns shaped like those of a stag. for the Irish, nearly £50 was obtained. - At Gloucester Midsummer Fair, The inhabitants of the neighbouring business was remarkably flat. Sheep villages are following the charitable were rather plentiful, and were dull of and humane example.

sale at from threepence to fourpence DERBYSHIRE.

per lb.-Pigs almost unsaleable. Sermons have been preached with

HAMPSHIRE. great success in the different places of The sum of £158. 15s. 2d. has been worship throughout this county, for the subscribed at Lymington, for the relief relief of the suffering Irish.

of the Irish.The pier at Ryde is to DEVONSHIRE.

be carried five hundred feet farther The Exeter fair produced a good into the sea forthwith. shew of cattle, at somewhat better

HEREFORDSHIRE. prices than of late. The cloth fair The producc of sixteen acres of

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good land, in the parish of Rick.

NORFOLK mersworth (containing wheat, barley, At his last audit, Sir G. Jerningham oats, and peas, with the straw, in liberálly took off 20 per cent. from the stacks well secured from the weather), rent of his tenants. The Lynn elechas been sold by auction, at the very tion was concluded on Friday, June 28, low price of 251. being 11. 118. 3d. per when Col. Walpole was elected by a acre. On the 20th of June, the doors majority of sixty-five. We underof Hereford prison were thrown open, stand that it is the intention of the there not being a single prisoner under bankers of Norwich to reduce the inteconfinement.

rest allowed by them from 3 to 21 per HERTFORDSHIRE.

cent. A collection at Hemel Hempstead

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. Church, for the benefit of the distressed Earl Fitzwilliam has again made a Irish amounted to 361. 38. 3 d.

liberal abatement of from 20 to 40 per HUNTINGDONSHIRE.

cent. to bis tenants in this county. The harvest commenced early; the

NORTHUMBERLAND. crops though not generally heavy are Skipton fortnight fair, July 2, was of excellent quality.

crowded to excess with both fat beasts, KENT,

sheep, and lambs; but in none of the Lord Petre has signified bis inten- above could last fair's prices be obtaintion of making the very liberal reduc. ed. The workmen employed in digtion of 20 per Cent, upon the Impro- ging the foundation of the goal at Morpriation tythes.His Lordship, has peth lately, found at the depth of thiralso given notice to his tenants, that teen feet from the surface, an oak tree, 20 per Cent, will be allowed on the measuring thirty-eight feet in length, rents due on Lady-day.-One hun- and nine feet in circumference, and dred and seventy silver coins of Henry perfectly sound. The skeleton of a VII. and VIII. and Edward III. were deer's head with fine branching horns lately found under the root of a tree, was also lately found at the same place, in Black wose Field, near Hythe. about fifteen feet below the surface. LANCASHIRE.

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. A gentleman of Loughborough has We understand that at the last rent collected from the Liverpool official day at Winwick, the worthy and rereports of corn, flour and meal, im- spected rector made a return of one ported from Ireland, during the last pound per acre, on which occasion the seven weeks, the following items tenants caused a merry peal to be rung - Wheat, 21,344 quarters; Oats, on the bells of the parish church; and 24,884 qrs.; Barley, 906 qrs.; Beans, spent the day with the utmost festivity 279 qrs.; Oatmeal, 984 qrs.; and Flour, and rejoicing Sermons have been 8,433 bags; and all this time the peo- preached and collections made at all ple in that country have been perishing the places of worship in Nottingham, of famme!

in aid of the distressed Irish-the doLEICESTERSHIRE.

nations were considerable, and bighly A flock of sheep, consisting of forty- creditable to the inhabitants of that nine hoggrels, were found dead in a town. field on the forrest, supposed to have

SHROPSHIRE. been killed by lightning.

Collections to a considerable amount

have been made under the King's letter Last month were taken from a rook- in this county-At Shrewsbury Fair ery at Hemengby, near Horucastle, a there was about an average supply. couple of milk-white rooks, with white Fat sheep averaged 3 d. and some very bills and legs, and without a tinge of prime 4d. per Ib. Store sheep much any other colour whatever.

the same as last fair, MONMOUTHSHIRE. The remains of a Roman pavement, The quartern loaf of the best wheaten in a fine state of preservation, has been bread is selling at Frome at 50.lately discovered in the grounds of Mr. The ladies of Melksham have formed Stokes, at Caerwent.-- At Usk wool themselves into a society for collecting fair there was a large supply. The articles of apparel for the distressed prices were, for coarse wool, from 11s. Irish. -Taunton fair was fully supto 13s.; fine from 13s. to 16s. per stone, plied with stock. The demand was of 131bs.---The alarming practice of unusually flat, and the prices obtained desertion of farms and driving off the stock is, in Monmouthshire, by no

STAFFORDSHIRE. means confined to the little or insigni- Wolverhampton Fair has been but ficant farmer, or to the least fertile soils moderately supplied with cattle and of the country.

sheep. Fat stock of every description



very low.

sold heavily, except lambs, which were other alterations as he may think requickly bought up. The shew of horses quisite for the save detention of his was as usual large, and there was a prisoners. They have also ordered brisk demand for them.

that the “ county dress," which is now SUFFOLK.

to be the same as that of Lancaster, Singular Occurrence.--As Mr. Thos. shall benceforth be worn by all men in French, of Ilken Hall, was passing the Castle, excepting the debtors, and through Tunstal, a swarm of bees those imprisoned for misdemeanors. lighted on him and rolled into his coat Irons will not be placed on any before pocket. Mr. F. had some scented herbs trial, excepting such as the Governor in the pocket at the time.

may deem refractory and dangerous. SUSSEX.

-At the York Wool fair, the supJ. C. Pelham, esq. of Crowhurst, has ply has been again extremely Jarge, ordered one hundred acres of good land and the buyers numerous, but inadeto be set apart for the cultivation of quate to the supply. Hog wool, from deserving husbandmen, in suitable pro- ild. to 1s. per lb. Hog and Ewe wool, portions for the benefit of themselves 9d. to 11d. per lb. and families.The hop plantations, at Breda, and other places, have lately

WALES. improved in their appearance. Au

We are happy to hear that a College, tumnal fruits of every description, for the education of such students for more particularly bazel and walnuts, the Ministry whose friends are not in filberts, &c. promise most luxuriantly. affluence, is about to be erected at WARWICKSHIRE.

Lampeter, in Cardiganshire. The sum The subscription in Birmingham, for

of 15,6001. three per cents, is already the relief of the poor Irish, amounts to

collected, and his Majesty has muni. nearly 2,0001.- A legacy of 501. has

ficently sent a donation of 10001. acbeen bequeathed to the Birmingham companied with a flattering letter. A Dispensary, by the late Miss Greatrix. Quarterly Magazine in the Welsh Lan -Warwick last Fair was well sup

guage, to be conducted upon the prinplied with every description of cattle, ciples of the Church of England, will but sales were extremely dull, and

shortly be commenced: prices no better than at the last late fairs.

SCOTLAND. The down land, which commands a We upderstand that the Directors of view of Salisbury, is now in a state of the Bank of Scotland, following the cultivation, the guardians of the poor example of the Bank of England, have employing on that and other beneficial

adopted the resolution of discounting works, every able pauper -The Rev. bills and notes at four per cent.J. L. Bythesea, rector of Leigh, Dela

The subscriptions to Mr. Owen's Expemore, ' has reduced his tithes in the

riment of Mutual Association and Cocourse of the last three years, 45 per

operation at Motherwell, near Lanark, Cent.--There are now in full bloom, amounts already to more than 50,0001. in the hot-house of T. Timbrell, Esq. of Trowdridge, two plants of the Yucca Aliofolia, upwards of 8 feet in

IRELAND height.

The Royal Dublin Society have reWORCESTERSHIRE.

solved to erect a whole-length statue of At Pershore Fair, there was an un- the King, in marble, to commemorate usually large shew of horses; those fit the royal visit and patronage of that for harness met ready sale at advanced institution. It appears by their resoprices; inferior ones little in demand; lutions, that they have selected Mr. and many driven away unsold. Not Behnes for the distinguished task.-many sheep, and sold at reduced prices. We will not shock the feelings of our

-The Rev. W. Tindall, M. A. Head readers, by quoting the instances of Master of Wolverhampton Free Gram- unparalleled distress, that now pervade mar School, has been presented to the every part of this starving country.perpetual curacy of Holme, in Lanca- The work of charity is begun in almost shire.

every part of England, and a very large YORKSHIRE.

sum is already subscribed to alleviate Mr. Stavely, the Governor of York the poor inbabitants of uphappy IreCastle, has received orders from the land! Magistrates of the County, to raise the walls of the prison, and to make such



Mathematical Instrument Maker to his Majesty, No. 22, CORNUILL. 1822 Bar Ther. Wind. Obser.||1822 Ban Ther. Wind. Oloser 1822 Bar. Ther. Wind. Obser. Jun.25 29 97 70 S. W. Fair July 6 29 83..61 N. E. Cldy. July 17 29:58 58 E.

Rain 2629-94 71 9. Ditto

730 02 60 N Fair

18 29-66 70 S.

Fair 27 30.08 67 N. Ditto

8 30.11 59 N. Ditto 19 29-45 65 SW. Ditto 28 30.06 63 N. W. Ditto

9 30-02 65 S. W. Shwy.

20 29.46 64 S. 29 29.981 64 N. W. Ditto 10 29.80 65 W. Rain 21 29.63 62 S.

Ditto 30 30 06 62 W. Raio 112972 64 S. W. Shwy.

22 29.60 64 S.W. Ditto July 1 30-08 64 N. W. Fair 12 29 30 65 S.W. Ditto 23 29-56 60 S.W. Ditto • 2 29-89

61 S. W. Ditto 1329.80 61 N. Fair 24 29-57 65 S. 3 29-93 65 S. W. Ditto 14 29.91 64 N. E.

25 29-64

S.W. Fair. 4 29-93 70 S. W. Ditto 15 29.87 63 N. Shwy. 5 29 74 65 NE


16 29.75 60 N.E. Fair





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Price Per
Div. per

Share. Ann.
£. £ s. £. s. d.

Ashton and Oldham


4 Southwark Barnesley

160 190 lo Ditto, New Biriningham (divided) 25 580 24 Ditto, Loan Bolton and Bury

250 95

5 Vauxhall Brecknock and Abergav. 150 80

Waterloo Carlisle,


Water-works. Chesterfield

50 120 8 Chelsea Coventry

50 1000

3 East London. Cromford

100 270

Grand Junction .... Croydon....

100 2

Keut Derby

100 135

6 London Bridge Dudley...

100 63

3 South London Ellesmere and Chester 133 63

3 West Middlesex. Erewash

100 1000 58 York Buildings Forth and Clyde 100 470 20

Insurances. Grand Junction

100 242

Grand Surrey


Grand Uniou.


Grand Western..

100 3

Birmingham Fire Grantham..

150 145 8 British Hereford and Gloucester, 100

County Lancaster..


Eagle. Leeds and Liverpool


12 Eur ean Leicester...

14 Globe Leicester & Northampton 100

Guardian Loughborough


Hope Melton Mowbray.


11 Imperial Fire. Monmouthshire


8 Ditto, Life! Montgomeryshire


2 10 Kent Fire.. Neath

25 London Fire Nottingham


12 London Ship Oxford


Provident. Portsmouth and Arundel 50

Rock'. Regent's.

34 10

Royal Exchange Rochdale


Sun Fire. Shrewsbury


Sun Life. Shropshire


Upion Somerset Coal.

50 107 10

Gas Lights. Ditto, Lock Fund

Gas Lightaud Coke (Chat staffordsh.& Worcetershire 140

Company Stourbridge


Ditto, New Shares Stratford-on-Avon

City Gas Light Company. Stroudwater

22 Ditto, New Swansea



South London Tavistock


Imperial..... Thames and Medway

Literary Institutions. Thames and Severu, New


Trent & Mersey
200 1900 75 Russel..


30gs Warwick and Birmingh: {


Miscellaneous Warwick and Napton....

10 Auction Mart. Worcester & Birmingham

26 10 1 British Copper Company. Docks.

Golden Lane Brewery. London

100 (108)

4 10

Ditto... West India


10 London Com. Sale Rooms East India


8 Carnatic Stock, 1st class . Commercial


3 10 Ditto, .2d ditto.. East Country


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4.5 6

4 10

96 55


1 17

18 1 18

2 10

8 10 23 101 10 40 18



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50 }

100 | 220

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1 5 2 10

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Messrs. WOLFE and EDMONDS, No. 9,'Change-Alley, Cornhil'. NOTE.—The List of East India Shipping and Price of London Markets are omitted this month for

want of room. They will appear in the next nuinber.



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£. .



428 at

Bank Stock.... 3 per Cent. Reduced Annuities

80, at

Govt. Debents. 3 per ct. 90 3 per Cenț, Consols Annuities 914 a

Do. Stock .... 3 913 4 per Cent. Consols Annuities

981 a 7

Govt. Debents. 4 1913 2 Long Anbuities, expire 5th Jan, 1860 203

Do. Stock .... 4 5 per Cent. 1797 .....

Paving Debens. 4 Irish 5 per Cent

Govt. Debents. 5 1043 South Sea Old Ann. div. 3 per cent.

Do. Stock .... 5

1043 3 per Cent. Consols Annuities

Gd. Canal Loan 6 per ct. 72 4 per Cent. Ditto, New ... 198) a

Ditto ditto .. 4

148 5 per cent. Navy Annuities

PipeWat. Debs. 5 India Stock, div. 104 per Cent.

Do. do. do... 6 South Sea Stock, div. 34

City Debents.. 5 1021 South S. New Anns. div. 3 per cent.

Grand Canal Stock 3 per Cent. Anpuities, 1751

Royal Canal Stock Imperial 3 per Cent. Annuities 1793 a 80... Exchange on London 4 per Cent. India Bouds.

63 a 64 pm.. Exchequer Bills, £1000. 2d, per day 5 a 6 pm.. Ditto £500.........

5 a 6 pm. Ditto small

5 a 7 pm..

BULLION. PER OZ. Bank for Account, 29th Aug 1822

JULY 23.

d. India for Opening, 29th Aug.

Portugal Gold, in Coin .. 0 0 0 Consols for Opening, 28th Aug. 80 as

Poreign Gold, in Bars 3 17 6 3) per Cent. Consols

New Doubloons

3 13 3 per per Cent. Reduced

New Dollars

0.491 Imperial


Silver, in Bars, Standard 0 4 11 AMERICAN FUNDS.

FRENCH FUNDS, London, July 23. N. York, June 24. London, July 23, Bank Shares ... 22 11054 61

5 p.Ct. An, with div. 7 per Cent. (94

1043 51

due March 21, and|92, 250, 3 pr. Cts, of 1812.92 81.. div, from 103) 41

September 21,...f.ex. Se, 1813 92 8! Jan 1821103 4

Bank Shares, div. 3116001..c. 1814. 92 81

104 5 div. from Dec, and 30 June 1815.92

|107) I Mar1S20 Reconnois. of Liqui

dation divid. duel, 3 per Cent. 1684

Mar. 21, & Sep. 21 f.,.c. 5 per Cent.. 5 per Cent, 1963

Exchange on Lon

256..20c. Exchange on London,

84 pm.

don, 3 months

Ditto 1 ditto 125140c.

London, July 23, 1822.

London, July 23, 1822.,
5 per Cent. Bonds, large 88}} 6 per Cent. Inscriptions, 82. — Ex-
Small Div. due 31st March, change 113d p. Ro.--Div. due 30th
and 30th Sept.

June, and 31st Dec.-Metallic 5 per

Cents. 77} (x. d.Exchange 3 | ip.

Ro.-- Div. due 28th Feb. & 31st Aug. COURSE OF EXCHANGE.

Tues. Juty 23.
Amsterdam. ....C. F..... 12 8 Barcelona

Ditto at Sight..
12 5 Seville

Rotterdam ........
12 9 Gibraltar



5 Leghorn

37 10 Genoa
37 11 Venice Italian liv.

27 60
Paris, 3 days Sight.

25 50 Malta Ditto

25 80 Naples Bourdeaux

25 80 Palermo Frankfort on the Main 1561 Lisbon

513 Vienna effec. .... 2 M. flo. 10 16 Oporto

Trieste, ditto

10. 16 Rio Janeiro
36 Bahia

354 Dublin

36 Cork








393 per oz. 1170

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EXCHEQUER BILLS. All Exchequer Bills dated prior to Oct. 1921, have been Advertised to be paid Off.

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