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“ The busy gossips of the neighbour lived very securely in this cave and dehood had rather bewildered than delighted solate cavern. The following circumher, by recounting Sir Humphrey's un stance will show the character of this bounded wealth, and the grandeur of his

extraordinary man extremely well. retinue; nor could she at all imagine how

Having robbed the steward of a wealthy such useless appendages could in any degree constitute the happiness of life with

Shropshire landholder, to the amount the man she loved. To her Sir Humphrey

of several hundred pounds, he received had made no vain presumptuous boast of

a letter shortly after from the owner of the magnificence of his castles, nor the

the property, stating his extreme disvastness of his riches : it was a theme on

tress from the loss of so large a sum; which he had never spoken. Isabel, there- adding, that it would of necessity comfore, hoped that report exaggerated these pel him immediately to enforce the paythings; for if true, she feared that ten- ment of all the arrears due from his der confidence and free communication of.. tenants, a circumstance that would stigkindred minds could no longer exist, when matize him as a hard and cruel landher husband must be by her regarded with ford; a circumstance he should the more that distance and respect, which the great regret, having always been kind and superiority of his condition must naturally lenient towards his tenantry. Sir Huminspire, and which he of course would phrey made enquiries, and finding that expect,

the landlord, whose name was Rowland There was an easy freedom in the Mawley, was really a benevolent and manners of Sir Humphrey Kynaston, that bad a magic charm on all who knew him, tion of the sum, which he delivered him

considerate man, he made full restituand insensibly won their esteem. He was not merely courteous, but extremely affa

self to the grateful land-owner. The trable, cheerful, and good-humoured. He was ditions of the country abound with such conversant and entertaining, lavish in the noble traits of generosity and justice. pleasures of the table, and held in the ut

Sir Humphrey's health became at most contempt those trammels of the world length very much impaired ; his heart that are the frequent accompaniments of sickened at the recollection of what he pride and wealth. Generons, poble, and once was, and a slow and insidious sincere, he rose superior to the high boast- melancholy was gradually, bearing ing of little minds; be boasted not. To down his brave and noble spirit. the timid maiden, whose heart be had Anxious for his welfare, some of his obtained, he rather sought to conceal his poor friends persuaded him to see an high degree than to proclaim it."

aged woman, whose skill in curing dis

eases, as well as her mysterious and seBut the prospect of so much happi- cluded mode of living, had imbued her ness and gaiety was soon overcast. with an influence, at once powerful and The generous and confiding temper of appalling, over the minds of the neigh“ Wild Humphrey," as he was called, bouring peasantry. He at length conleads him into difficulties, which he has cedes to their request, and “Old Mabel” not the resolution to evade; and the visits the outlaw in his cave at Ness base ingratitude of his intimates — Cliff. After an interesting conference,

friends they were not, rendered him Mabel turns out to be the deserted Isadesperate, and he became a " a broken bel; and discloses herself to the repentman" and an outlaw. The tender Isa- ant Humphrey, just in time to receive bel, although deserted by her husband, his last sigh, and to support his dying loved him with all her 'usual ardour; head on her bosom. and even when she found Sir Hum We have said that the last“ story” is phrey had married another woman, she the best, because nature is always sureproached him not, but lamented in perior to art. “Kynaston's Cave" is silence and secrecy her unhappy lot, merely the narration of a series of facts,

Sir Humphrey, now a proscribed and is always interesting where the auman, sought refuge in the cave of Ness thor has not launched forth into unneCliff, from whence he issued forth only cessary, embellishments.

Before we to levy such contributions on the rich conclude, we would mention that the and powerful, as were necessary for his hostess, described in the introduction, is own wants and those of the poor around any thing but a landlady on the borders him. He was no ordinary free-booter, of Wales. The portrait is evidently innor was his object indiscriminate plun- tended to convey an idea of a Welsh der; and with his favourite horses he hostess, but the failure is complete. $



The Author of the British Botanist” is The Poetry, original and selected, conpreparing for publication a Work, entitled tained in the Novels, Tales, and Romances Hortus Anglicus; or, the Modern English of the author of " Waverley,” with short Garden: contaiying an easy Description introductory notices from the Prose, will of all the Plants which are cultivated in shortly appear in a foolscap 8vo. volume. the Climate of Great Britain, either for Use or Ornament, and of a Selection from the established favourites of the Stove and

A Treatise on the varieties of Local Green-House; arranged according to the System of Linnæus; including his Generic Diseases, which, under the

name of Cancer,

have been sent into the Cancer Wards of and Specific Characters; with Remarks on the

properties of the more valuable species, the Middlesex Hospital during the last ten in 2 vols. 12mo.

years, with coloured etchings, in 4to, and The Eighth Edition of “ Female Scrip: diseases, with the method of treatment.

a classification and description of these ture Characters,” by the late Mrs. King; with a Sketch of the Life of the Author

By Charles Bell, Surveyor of the Middle

sex Hospital, and Lecturer on Anatomy in prefixed, will shortly be published.

the School of Great Windmill Street. Professor Dunbar is preparing for publi, cation the Second Volume of Dalzel's Col

A Letter to John Soane, Esq. Professor lectanea Græca. Majora: the Test of Ho

of Architecture of the Royal Academy of

Arts, F.R.S. F.S. A. &c. &c. on the subject mer, Hesiod, and Apollonius Rhodius, will be corrected according to the principles

of the New Churches. By an Architect. stated in the Essay upon the Versification

The Life and Opinions of Sir Richard of Homer in the second part of the Pro

Maltravers, an English Gentleman of the fessor's Prosodia Græca: the whole of the

Seventeenth Century.

A Letter addressed with all due respect text will undergo the most careful revi

to His Royal Highness the Duke of York, sion, and will be augmented by one of the Nemean Odes of Pipdar : and a very con

on the Subject of 59 Geo. 3d. for removing

the Irish and Scotch Poor ; with some Residerable number of additional Notes, explanatory of different passages, &c. will

marks on the Reports and Proceedings of be given.

the Mendicity Society. By an Ex-Ma

nager. Doctor J. Sjögrén, has published, at St. The Mohawks, a Satirical Poem. Petersburgh, a Treatise on the Language The Philosophy of Morals. By Sir and Literature of Finland. A Catalogue Charles Morgan, Author of the Philosophy has also been published at Abo of all the of Life. works printed in that language.

Belshazzar, a Poem. By H. H. Milman. Lady Morgan's Italy has been prohibit Tracts on Political Economy. By Wiled in the Roman and Austrian states. liam Spense, Esq.

Europe and the Revolution, by M. Goer The Wonders of the Vegetable Kingdom res, has been prohibited in Austria and

displayed. By the Author of “ Select FeRussia.

male Biography.” The Rev. W. L. Bowles will shortly Select Dissertations on various Medical publish a new Poem, entitled the Curfew, Subjects, 1 vol. Svo. or the Grave of the Last Saxon, 1 vol 8vo. A Glossary, or Collection of Words,

An enlarged edition of “ A Gazetteer of Phrases, and Allusions to Customs, Prothe Most Remarkable Places in the World, verbs, &c. By Archdeacon Nares. with Brief Notices of the principal Histo Mr. Valpy is reprinting his edition of rical Events, and of the most Celebrated Brotier's Tacitus, in 4 vols. 8vo. Persons connected with them,” by Mr. Mr. Landseer is preparing a work in Bourn, is preparing for publication. quarto, which will consist of representa

Mr. Jehoshaphat Aspin is engaged in tions and explanations of hierogliphical revising the MS. of the Third Volume of engravings disenterred at Babylon, Ninehis Analysis of Universal History, which

veh, &c. &c. may be expected to appear in the course Montezuma, a Tragedy in five Acts. By of the ensuing autumn.

Sir John Dorset, Author of “The Vampire." A Play for translating Languages, with The Beauties of Jeremy Taylor. By out study or previons acquaintance there Mr. Melmoth. with, is proposed for publication, by Henry A short Character of Charles II. King of Mathews.

England; written by John (Sheffield) Duke On the 15th of Jane will appear the 6th of Buckingham. part of Physiognomical Portraits, being the "A New Edition of “ Tlie Etonia," in 2 first of the 2d vol.

vols. 8vo.

ters, 12mo.

Legendre's Elements of Geometry and 2 vols, duodecimo, with numerous engravPlane and Spherical Trigonometry, 8vo. ings of Costumes, &c. &c. By David Brewster, LL. D.

The Historical Romances of the Autbor The History and Conversion of the Jew of “ Waverley,” in Six Volumes Octavo, ish Boy. By the Author of the Twin Sis comprising Ivanhoe, the Monastery, the

Abbot, and Kenilworth. The Fourth and Fifth Numbers of Mr. Memoirs of George Heriot, Jeweller to Denis's Views in Switzerland and Savoy, King James II. with some account of the which conclude the Work.

Hospital founded by him at Edinburgh, in A New Edition of “ Observations on the 1 vol. foolscap 8vo. with plates. Spital-Fields Act," with a Reply to Mr. The Modern Art of Fencing, in which Hale's appeal.

the most recent Improvements in the Use A New Edition of that scarce and valu of Manly Foils are clearly elucidated, able Work, Thomas Coles on Regeneration, agreeably to the methods of the most emi' Faith, and Repentance, to which will be nent Masters in Europe. By Le Sieur prefixed his Two Sermons on imputed Guzman Rolando, of the Académie des Righteousness, edited by the Rev. John Armes. With a Technical Glossary, in Rees, of Rodborough, in i vol. 12mo. French and English, of the Terms which

The Book of Fate, formerly in the pos relate to the Use of the Sword. The whole session of Napoleon Bonaparte, and found carefully revised by J. S. Forsyth, formerly in his cabinet after the Battle of Leipsic, a Pupil of Le Sieur Guzman Rolando. De. translated from the German.

dicated, with permission, to H. R. H. the The Poetical Works of James Hogg, Duke of York. (the Ettrick Shepherd) now first collected, Miss Scott, of Kendal, has in the Press will shortly appear, in 4 vols. foolscap Svo. a Volume of Poems, Original and Selected,

A History of England, with Conversa- the latter from popular and approved motions at the end of each Chapter, intended dern authors. for Young Persons. By Mrs. Markham, in The Odes of Anacreon, Translated into

English Measure. By Lord Thurlow.


cipes, Aldine, Stephens's, Delphin,

Variorum, Memoranda, illustrative of Egyptian Bipont, and Elzeviri, with many others, Tombs; also, Remarks on Mummies. Small exhibiting a Collection far more numerous 8vo. 4s.

and complete than has yet been published. A Dissertation on the Topography of the 1 vol. 18mo. Plain of Troy; by C. Maclaren. 8vo. Is.


Numerical Games; consisting of PracThree Views, viz. : the West Front, the tical Exercises in Arithmetic: accompanied Nave, and the Choir of the Cathedral with Fifty Ornamented Cards, a Counting Church of Amiens, in colours; by W.C. Board, and Counters; intended for tho Wild. 21. 12s. 6d.

Amusement and Improvement of Youth; ASTRONOMY.

by Thomas Halliday. A Celestial Atlas, comprising a Systema The French Remembrancer; or, a Comtic Display of the Heavens, in a series of plete Vocabulary of all French Nouns; by 30 Maps ; by Alexander Jamieson, A.M. D. Boileau. 12mo. Ss. 11. 11s. 6d.

Elements of Self-Improvement; by the Memoirs of the Astronomical Society of Rev. T. Fiuch. London. Vol. I. 4to, 11. 7s.

Essays on the Discipline of Children, BIOGRAPHY.

particularly as regards their Education; Illustrations of the Life of Lorenzo de by the Rev.R. W. Bamford. Medici ; by Wm. Roscoe. 4to. 11. 11s. 6d. An Abridgement of the Youth's Spelling 8vo. 14s.

and Pronouncing Theological Dictionary The Life of the late T. Coutts, Esq. 6d. of the New Testament; with a short Essay

Some Passages in the Life of Mr. Adam on the several Parts of Speech. 3s. bound. Blair. 10s. 6d.


A View of the History, Literature, and The Classical Collector's Vade-Mecum; Mythology of the Hindoos; by the Rev. containing accurate Lists of the Polyglot, y. Ward. New Edit. 3 vols. 8vo. II. 16s. Hebrew, Greek, and Latin Bibles, Greek Memoir of the Life and Trial of James Testaments, as also of the Greek and Mackcoull; illustrated with Notes, AnecRoman Authors, known as Editiones Prin- dotes, and a Portrait. 8vo. p. 317.

Schneider; by a Member of the Univer cation, in Three Parts; by Wm. Mackenzie, sity of Oxford. 8vo. 88.

8vo. boards, 7s. The New Annual Register for 1821, Woodarch's Introduction to the Study of 8vo. 11.

Conchology, Second Edition, Revised, and Rivington's Annual Register for 1810. considerably enlarged; by J. Mawe, Author 8yo. 11.

of Familiar Lessons on Mineralogy, &c. &c. William Lilly's Memoirs of his Life and Crown 8vo. coloured, 148.-plain, bds. 9s. Times, with 12 portraits of eminent As

The Entire Poems of Ossian, Revised, trologers, &c. Large paper. 8vo. 12s. 6d. Illustrated, and Authenticated by Visits to (100 copies only printed.)

the Sites described, and by laborious InThe Literary History of Galway; by vestigation made on the Spot; by Hugh T. Murray. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Campbell, Esq. F.A.S. In 2 vols. royal The History of Stamford, with St. Mar

12mo. illustrated with a Map and Engravtin's, Stamford Baron, and Great and Little

ings, boards, 11. Wothorpe, which has been some time in A few Days in Athens, being the Transthe press, is at length published. The lation of a Greek Manuscript, discovered work is embellished with ten plates, com at Herculaneum. prising twenty-one distinct views and ten An Account of a Plan which has been coins, executed by an able artist in his successfully pursued for three Years, in best manner. Price in 8vo. 11. 5s.; and the conducting a Penny Savings' Bank for in 4to. with proof impressions of the Children, with the addition of a Working plates, 21. 12s. 6d.

Fund for Families; including Directions

and Patterns for Cutting-out every sort of MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS.

Wearing Apparel for Girls, Shirts and Illustrations of Shakspeare, from pictures Pinafores for Boys, and Linen usually lent painted expressly for the work, by Robert to the Poor; together with the Price alSmirke, Esq. R. A. and engraved in the lowed for Making each Article, 5s. finest style by the most eminent Historical

The Duties of Churchwardens Explained Engravers, in 37 numbers, each containing and Enforced.-A Charge delivered to the Five illustrative Engravings, and a Vig Clergy and Churchwardens of the ArchDette.-Nine numbers already published. deaconry of Colchester, in the Diocese of Price from 14s. to 30s. each number.

London, in the year 1821 ; by the Rev. Cursory Suggestions on Naval Subjects, J. Jefferson, A.M. and F.S.A. late Archwith the Outline of a Plan for raising Sea deacon, Price 2s. men for his Majesty's Fleets in a future

NATURAL HISTORY. War, by Ballot. 8vo. pp. 97.

Itinerary of Provence and the Rhone, The Natural History of Selborne. By with Etchings; by John Hughes, Esq. A.M. the late Rev. Gilbert White, A.M. To of Oriel College, Oxford.

which are added, the Naturalists' Calender, The first number of a Magazine in &c. with engravings, 2 vols. 8vo. 16s. bds. French, under the title of " Le Musée des Variétés Littéraires. Price 1s. 6d. to be

NOVELS, ROMANCES, TALES. continued monthly.

Maid Marian, a Tale; by the Author of Lacon ; or Many Things in a Few Headlong Hall, foolscap 8vo. 7s. Words : by the Rev. C. Colton, 2 vols. Old Stories; by Miss Spence. Author Svo. 12s.

of a “ Traveller's Tale," &c. 2 vols. The Works of John Home, Esq. Author Conduct is Fate, 3 vols. 11. 1s. of Douglas, a Tragedy, now first collected; Graham Hamilton, 2 vols. crown 8vo. with an Account of his Life and Writings, 16s. by Henry Mackenzie, Esq. F.R.S.E.; with Wieland, an American Tale; by C. B. a Portrait of Mr. Home, Maps and Plates. Brown, 3s. 3 vols. 8vo. 11. 11s. 6d.

Ormond, or the Secret Witness; by C. The Duellist ; or, a Cursory Review of Brocdon Brown, vols. 18s. the Rise, Progress, and Practice of Duell Carwin the Biblioquist, and other Ameriing; with illustrative Anecdotes from His can Tales and Pieces; by C. B. Brown, tory. 8vo. 6s.

3 vols. 18s. The Miscellaneous Tracts of the late Chinese Novels, translated from the William Withering, Esq. F.L.S. &c. &c.; originals ; to which are added, Proverbs embellished with a Portrait of Dr. Wither and Moral Maxims; by J. F. Davis, F.R.S. ing. 2 vols. 8vo.

Blighted Ambition; or the Rise and The Speeches of the Right Hon. Henry Fall of the Earl of Somerset. A Romance, Grattan, in the Irish and in the Imperial 3 vols. 8vo. 11. ls. Parliament; edited by his Son. vols. The Widow's Narrative, 8vo. 4s. 60. Svo boards, 21. 8s.

The House of Ravenspur, a Romance; Notes on Philosophy, Morality, and Edu. by Mrs. Jamieson, 4 vols. 24s. Eur. Hag. Vol. 81. May 1822.


The Guahiba, a Tale; by the Hon. and

TAEOLOGY Rev. Wm. Herbert, 8vo. 3s.

Enquiry into the Truth and Use of the Isn't it Odd, 12mo.

Book of Enoch, as to its Prophecies, Visions, Vargas, a Tale of Spain, 3 vols. 12mo. and Account of Fallen Angels; by John PHYSIC.

Overton. Doctor Faithorn on the Liver, Biliary The Third Edition of Protestantism, in and Digestive Organs, and Nervous Sys- Three Parts; or, an Address, particularly tem. The fourth edition considerably en to the Labouring Classes, in Defence of the larged, 8vo. Is.

Protestant Principle, occasioned by the A Pharmaceutical Guide; by the Au late Controversial Attacks of the Res. thors of the Student's Manuel, 12mo, 5s.6d. J. Curr ; by W. Roby.

A Letter to C. H. Parry, M.D. F.R.S. An Essay on the Scripture Doctrines &c. &c. on the lyfluence of Artificial Erup of Adultery and Divorce; and on the tions, in certain Diseases incidental to the Criminal Character and Punishment of Human Body ; by Edward Jenner, Esq. Adultery by the Ancient Laws of England M.D. L.L.D. &c. 4to.

and other countries. Being a Subject PHYSIOLOGY.

proposed for Juvestigation by the Society An Cnquiry into the Opinions, Ancient for promoting Christian Knowledge in the and Modern, concerning Life and Organi

Diocese of Si. David's, and to which that zation ; by John Barclay, M.D. 14s.

Society awarded its premium (by benefacAn Account of the Fishes found in the tion) of Fifty Pounds, in Dec. 1821; by River Ganges; by F. Hamilton, M.D. A. V. Tebbs, Proctor, Doctor's Commons F.R.S.L. 4to. 51. 5s.

8vo 7s.

Sermons on the Public Means of Grace; POETRY

the Fasts and Festivals of the Church; on Angelica, or the Rape of Prolens; a

Scripture Characters, and various Practical Poem; by Lord Thurlow, 12mo. 3s.

Subjects; by the late Right Rev. Theodore Julian, the Apostate. A Dramatic Poem;

Dehon, D.D. Rector of St. Michael's Church, by Sir Aubrey de Vere Hunt, Bart. 8vo.

Charleston ; and Bishop of the Protestant Love. A Poem in three Parts, to which

Episcopal Church, in the Diocese of South is added, the Giaour, a Satirical Poem; by

Carolina ; together with some Account of the author of Perer Faultless. 8vo. The Bank of Tamar, a Poem; by N. T.

the Author, and a Sermon preached on

occasion of his Death. 2 vols. Svo. 11. Is. Carrington. 6s. bds.

The Clerical Guide, or Ecclesiastical Poetical Essays; by A. I. Mason. Ss.

Directory; containing a complete Register The Last Days of Herculaneum; Abra

of the present Prelates and other Dignitadrates and Panthea; Poems; by Edward

ries of the Church of England; of the Atherstone, Esq. 8vo. Ss.

Heads of Houses, Professors, &c. of the Sir Marmaduke Maxwell, and other Po

Universities, and other Colleges and Pub. ems; by Allen Cunningham, 12mo. Is.

lic Schools; a List of all the Benefices, and POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY. Chapelrics in England and Wales, arranged

Recoltections and Rcliectious, Personal alphabetically in their several Councies, aud Political, as conveeted with Public Dioceses, Archdeaconries, &c.; the Names Atlairs during the Reign of George Ill. of their respective Incumbents, with the Ly John Nicholas, Esq. 2 vois. 19s, bds. Date of their Institution, the Names of iho

A Letter from an Irish Dignatary to an Patrous, &c. &c. Aud an Appendix, conEnglish Gentleman, on the subject of Irish taining Alphabetical Lists of those BeneTythes. 2s. 60.

ficos which are in the patronage of the An Essay on the Tythe System; its Ad Crown, the Bishops, Deans, and Chapters, vantages and Disadvantages. ls.

and other public bodies --Second Edition, Letters of Heirophilos to the English corrected. Royal 8vo. 11. 2s. . People, on the Moral and Political State of Ligh'een Sermons, intended to Establishi Ireland. 5s,

the inseparable Connection between the Revolutionary Causes, with a Brief No Doctrines and the Practice of Christianity. tice of some laie Publications, 3s. 6d. 12mo. 5s,

Suggestion for the Abolition of the pre Discourses, chiefly Doctrinal, delivered sent System of Impressment in the Naval in the Chapel of Trinity College, Dubliu; Service; by Capiain Marryat, R.N. 25, 6d. by Bartholomew Lloyd, D D. Professor of

The Speech of the Earl of Liverpool on Mathematics in the University, and ChapAgricultural Distress. 2s. 6d.

lain to His Excellency, the Lord Lieutenant An Enquiry juto the Elective Franchise of Ireland. 10s, 6d. of the Citizens of London ; by Henry Proofs of luspiration; or, the Grounds Schultes, Gent.

of Distinction between the New Testament Letters of Amicus Protestantus, to Wm. and the Apocryphal Völume; occasioned by Wilberforce.

the recent publication of the Apocryphal

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