Temptation: A Novel

J.C. Spence, 1823

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Seite 155 - His wandering step Obedient to high thoughts, has visited The awful ruins of the days of old : Athens, and Tyre, and Balbec, and the waste Where stood Jerusalem, the fallen towers Of Babylon, the eternal pyramids, Memphis and Thebes, and whatsoe'er of strange Sculptured on alabaster obelisk, Or jasper tomb, or mutilated sphynx, Dark Ethiopia in her desert hills Conceals.
Seite 161 - Link'd and wedded to retirement, hating bus'ness, hating strife ? Soon your greedy eye's upon him — when his mind is least at home, — Room and place — from farthest Thrace, at your bidding he must come. Foot and hand are straight upon him — neck and shoulder in your grip, • To the ground anon he's thrown, and you smite him on the hip.
Seite 236 - ... s'est tournée de son côté. Toutes les jolies femmes s'en sont emparées ; il est de tous les soupers fins, et il n'est point de bonne fête sans lui : en un mot, il est pour nos agréables ce que les Genevois sont pour moi.
Seite 152 - O'er which it well might take a pleasant sleep, But that 'tis ever startled by the leap Of buds into ripe flowers; or by the flitting Of diverse moths, that aye their rest are quitting; Or by the moon lifting her silver rim Above a cloud, and with a gradual swim Coming into the blue with all her light.
Seite 198 - At rest ! at rest ! The wretched and the desperate, let them court The dull, the dreamless, the unconscious sleep, To lap them in its stagnant lethargy. But oh ! the bright, the rapturous disturbances That break my haunted slumbers ! Fast they come, They crowd around my couch, and all my chamber Is radiant with them. There I lie and bask In their glad promise, till the oppressed spirit Can bear no more, and I come forth to breathe The cool free air.
Seite 80 - No, marriage is rather like a game at bowls; Fortune indeed makes the match, and the two nearest, and sometimes the two farthest, are together; but the game depends entirely upon judgment.
Seite 134 - Can gold calm passion, or make reason shine ? Can we dig peace, or wisdom, from the mine ? Wisdom to gold prefer ; for 'tis much less To make our fortune, than our happiness.
Seite 241 - My great diversion is, in reposed posture, to turn my eyes upon the galleries, and bless myself to hear the happy savages laugh ; or when...
Seite 127 - Femmes ! femmes ! objets chers et funestes , que la nature orna pour notre supplice , qui punissez quand on vous brave , qui poursuivez quand on vous craint, dont la haine et l'amour sont également nuisibles, et qu'on ne peut ni rechercher ni fuir impunément!... Beauté, charme, attrait, sympathie, être ou chimère inconcevable, abîme de douleurs et de voluptés!
Seite 19 - They that marry ancient people, merely in expectation to bury them, hang themselves, in hope that one will come and cut the halter.

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