The Novels and Tales of Robert Louis Stevenson, Volume 4


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Página 397 - FATHER DAMIEN AN OPEN LETTER TO THE REVEREND DR. HYDE OF HONOLULU Sydney, February 25, 1890. SIR, — It may probably occur to you that we have met, and visited, and conversed ; on my side, with interest. You may remember that you have done me several courtesies, for which I was prepared to be grateful.
Página 231 - BRIDAL 1SAW that island first when it was neither night nor morning. The moon was to the west, setting, but still broad and bright. To the east, and right amidships of the dawn, which was all pink, the day-star sparkled like a diamond. The land breeze blew in our faces, and smelt strong of wild lime and vanilla; other things besides, but these were the most plain ; and the chill of it set me sneezing.
Página 7 - The window, too, looks out above the river, and there's no music like a little river's. It plays the same tune (and that's the favourite) over and over again, and yet does not weary of it like men fiddlers. It takes the mind out of doors ; and though we should be grateful for good houses, there is, after all, no house like God's out-of-doors. And lastly, sir, it quiets a man down like saying his prayers.
Página 401 - He was not a pure man in his relations with women, and the leprosy of which he died should be attributed to his vices and carelessness. Others have done much for the lepers, our own ministers, the government physicians, and so forth, but never with the Catholic idea of meriting eternal life. — Yours, etc., "CM HYDE."!
Página 185 - ... of a human city. The whiteness brightened into silver, the silver warmed into gold, the gold kindled into pure and living fire; and the face of the East was barred with elemental scarlet. The day drew i94 its first long breath, steady and chill; and for leagues around the woods sighed and shivered.
Página 409 - Luna, or overseer, of the unruly settlement] 'there followed a brief term of office by Father Damien which served only to publish the weakness of that noble man. He was rough in his ways, and he had no control. Authority was relaxed; Damien's life was threatened, and he was soon eager to resign.

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