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scourge a man that is a Roman, and worship not, ye shall be cast into the uncondemned? which prevented his midst of a burning fiery furnace.being scourged.-Acts xxii. 24-26. Dan. iii. 14, 15. 18. 29. xvi. 37, 38.

Daniel cast into the lions' den for Paul said to Ananias, Sittest thou praying to God contrary to the king's to judge me after the law, and com- decree.--Dan. vi. 7, &c. mandest me to be smitten contrary Therefore the prudent shall keep to the law ? &c. But when Paul per- silence in that time, for it is an evil ceived that the one part were Saddu- time.-Amos v. 13. Ps. xxxix. 1. cees, and the other Pharisees, he cried Blessed are ye, when men shall out in the council, Men and brethren revile you, &c. falsely for my sake, &c. I am a Pharisee, the son of a Pharisee; for righteousness'sake.-Matt.v.10,11. of the hope and resurrection of the When they charged the apostles dead, I am called in question (where- not to teach in Christ's name, they upon the council divided, and broke said, Whether it be right in the sight up). When Paul understood that of God to hearken unto you more there was a conspiracy to kill him, than unto God, judge ye; for we he gave notice thereof to the chief cannot but speak the things which captain, who conveyed him away from we have seen and heard.-Acts iv. them.-Acts xxjö. 3.6—9.14, &c. 17–20.

Paul pleaded in his defence before The high priest asked them, sayFelix; and afterward appealed unto ing, Did not, we straitly command Cæsar.-Acts xxiv. 10, &c. xxv. 8,9. you that you should not teach in this xxvi. 1, &c.

name? &c. Then Peter and the other Paul persuaded those in the ship apostles answered and said, Wеought to eat meat, when they were in dan- to obey God rather than men.-Acts ger, saying, This is for your health, v. 27-29. &c.-Acts xxvii. 33–35.

But in all things approving ourI beseech you, brethren, &c. that selves, &c. as deceivers, and yet true. ye strive together with me in your —2 Cor. vi. 4. 8. prayers to God for me, that I may If I yet preach circumcision, why be delivered from them that do not do I yet suffer persecution ? then is believe in Judea.-Rom. xv. 30, 31. the offence of the cross ceased.--Gal.

Alexander the coppersmith did me v. 11. vi. 12. much evil, &c. of whom be thou aware Having your conversation honest also, for he hath greatly withstood among the Gentiles; that whereas our words.—2 Tim. iv. 14, 15. they speak against you as evildoers,

Some, of whom the world was not &c. So is the will of God, that with worthy, wandered in deserts, and in well doing ye may put to silence the mountains, in dens and caves of the ignorance of foolish men, &c. This is earth.-Heb. xi. 38.

thankworthy, if a man for conscience

toward God endure grief, suffering V. To look to the cause of our Suffer- wrongfully.—1 Pet. ii. 12.15. 19.

ings, that it be for well doing, for If ve suffer for righteousness'sake. the sake of Christ, and a good Con- happy are ve: and be not afraid. &c. science : and not as Busybodies or It is better, if the will of God be so. Edildoers.

that ye suffer for well doing, than for They also that render me evil for evil doing.-1 Pet. ii. 14. 17. good, are mine adversaries: because If ye be reproached for the name I follow the thing that is good.-Ps. of Christ, happy are ye, &c. but let Xxxviii. 20. xxxv. 20. cix. 4, 5. none of you suffer as a murderer, or

Do not ye serve my gods, nor wor- as a thief, or as an evildoer, or as a ship the golden image ? &c. but if ye busybody in other mens' matters: yet if any suffer as a Christian, let him be shewed from his friend. - Job not be ashamed.-1 Pet. iv. 14–16. vi. 14. Amos y. 13.

Job said to his friends, Ye are

forgers of lies; ye are all physicians THIRDLY. The Duties of Others: and of no value: 0 that you would alto

how we ought to behave toward gether hold your peace, and it should such as are Afflicted and Per- be your wisdom, &c. will you speak secuted.

wickedly for God? &c.—Job xiii. 4,

5.7. xii. 1-4. To sympathize with them, visit, help, Job answered and said, I have

comfort, and pray for them : take heard many such things; miserable

heed we add not to their Trouble. comforters are ve all (or troublesome The heart knoweth his own bitter- comforters are ye all)! shall vain ness, and a stranger doth not inter- words have an end? &c. I also could meddle with his joy.—Prov. xiv. 10. speak as ye do, if your souls were in

When Abraham heard that his bro- my soul's stead; I could heap up ther Lot was taken captive, he armed words against you, and shake mine (or led forth) his trained (or in- head at you: but I would strengthen structed) servants, &c. and pursued you with my mouth, and the moving those who took Lot: and he smote of my lips should assuage your grief. them, &c. and he brought back all the Job xvi. 1-5. goods; and also brought again his How long will ye vex my soul, and brother Lot, and his goods and the break me in pieces with words? these women also, and the people.-Gen, ten times have ye reproached me: xiv. 14–16.

you are, &c. He hath put my breWhen David fled from Saul into a thren far from me, and mine acquaintwood, Jonathan went to him, and ance are verily estranged from me: strengthened his hand in God.- my kinsfolk have failed, and my fami1 Sam. xxiii. 15–17.

liar friends have forgotten me: they When Nehemiah had heard that that dwell in my house, and my maids, the Jews were in great affliction and count me for a stranger; I am an reproach (though he were then a ser- alien in their sight, &c. have pity vant to the king): he sat down and upon me, O ye my friends; for the wept, and mourned certain days, and hand of God hath touched me. fasted and prayed before the God of Job xix. 2, 3. 13—15. 21. Ps. Ixix. heaven, &c.— Ñeh. i. 2, &c. Jer.ix. 1. 8. 20.

Thou shalt not vex a stranger, nor How then comfort ye me in vain, oppress him, &c. Ye shall not afflict seeing in your answers there reany widow, or fatherless child.- maineth falsehood (or transgression)? Exod. xxii. 1. 22.

—Job xxi. 34. · When Job's three friends heard of Because he hath loosed my cord, all the evil that was come upon him, and aflicted me: they have also let they came every one from his own loose the bridle before me, &c. Did place, &c. for they had made an ap- not I weep for him that was in trouble? pointment together to come to mourn was not my soul grieved for the poor? with him, and to comfort him. They - Job xxx. 11. 25. wept.-Job ii. 11–13.

Blessed is he that considereth the Thou hast strengthened the weak poor (or sick), &c. the Lord will hands; thy words have upholden him strengthen him upon the bed of lanthat was falling, and thou hast guishing, &c.—Ps. xli. 1-3. strengthened the feeble knees.-Job God is said to be afflicted in the iv. 3, 4.

afflictions of his people.—Isa. Ixiii. 9. To him that is afflicted, pity should Jeremiah bemoans Judah's sad case ať large, and discovers the tender made) of the church unto God for compassion he had for them.-Lam, him.-Acts xii. 5. 12. i.ü.

Rejoice with them that do rejoice, Mine eye runneth down with rivers and weep with them that weep: be of water, for the destruction of the of the same mind one toward another. daughter of my people; mine eye —Rom. xii. 15, 16. trickleth down, and ceaseth not, with The members should have the same out any intermission, — Lam. iii. care one for another: and whether 48, 49.

one member suffer, all the members Woe to them that are at ease in suffer with it: or one member be Zion, &c. Ye that put far away the honoured, all the members rejoice evil day, &c. that lie upon beds of with it: now ye are the body of ivory, &c. but they are not grieved Christ, and members in particular. for the affliction of Joseph. Amos 1 Cor. xii. 2527. vi. 1.3-7.

Blessed be God, &c. who comfortI am very sore displeased with the eth us in all our tribulation, that we heathen that are at ease: for I was but may be able to comfort them which a little displeased, and they helped are in any trouble, by the comfort forward the affliction.-Zech. i. 15. wherewith we ourselves are comforted Obad. 11–14.

of God.--2 Cor. i. 3, 4. When Jesus saw the multitude, he Bear ye one another's burdens, and had compassion on them, because so fulfil the law of Christ.-Gal. vi. 2. they fainted (or were tired and laid Be kind one to another, tenderdown), &c.--Matt. ix. 36.

hearted.-Eph. iv. 32. I was an hungered, and ye gave Ye have done well that ye did comme meat; I was thirsty, and ye gave me municate with mine affliction, &c. drink; I was a stranger, and ye took Ye sent once and again unto my me in; naked, and ye clothed me; necessity.---Phil. iv. 14–16. Isa. I was in prison, and ye came unto lviii. 10. me: I was sick, and ye visited me, Put on therefore (as the elect of &c. Inasmuch as ye have done it unto God, holy and beloved) bowels of one of the least of these my brethren, mercies. Col. iü. 12. ye have done it unto me.--Matt. xxv. Be not thou therefore ashamed of 35-37.40.

the testimony of our Lord, nor of me . When Jesus had put forth the his prisoner: but be thou partaker parable of a man fallen among thieyes, of the afflictions of the gospel, &c. and wounded, and the priest and The Lord give mercy unto the house Levite passing by, and looking on of Onesiphorus, for he oft refreshed him; and had mentioned that the me, and was not ashamed of my chain: Samaritan had compassion on him, but when he was in Rome, he sought and went to him, and bound up his me out very diligently, and found wounds, and took care of him; he me: the Lord grant unto him that said, Go, and do thou likewise.- he may find mercy of the Lord in that Luke x. 30.-37.

day; and in how many things he mi. Simon, Simon, behold Satan hath nistered unto me at Ephesus, thou desired to have you, that he may sift knowest very well.-2 Tim. i.,8. 16-18, you as wheat; but I have prayed for At my first answer no man stooq thee, that thy faith fail not: and with me, but all men forsook me: when thou art converted, strengthen pray God that it may not be laid to thy brethren.-Luke xxii. 31, 32 their charge.--2 Tim. iv. 16.

Peter therefore was kept in prison: Ye endured a great fight of att but prayer was made without ceasing tions: partly, whilst ye were made (or earnest and instant prayer was a gazingstock, both by reproach

and afflictions: and partly, whilst ye up by the roots out of my land, which became companions of them that were I have given them, &c.--2 Chron. vii. so used; for ye had compassion on 19, 20. me in my bonds, &c.—Heb.x. 32-34. The Lord stirred up against Jeho

Be not forgetful to entertain stran- ram the spirit of the Philistines, and gers : for thereby some have enter- of the Arabians, &c. and they came tained angels unawares. Remember up into Judah, and brake into it, &c. them that are in bonds, as bound with —2 Chron. xxi. 16, 17. 2 Kings tbem: and them that suffer adver- xxiv. 2, 3. sity, as being yourselves also in the They mocked the messengers of body.—Heb. xiii. 2, 3.

God, &c. till the wrath of the Lord Pure religion, &c. is to visit the arose against his people, till there fatherless and the widows in their was no remedy: therefore he brought affliction.--James i. 27.

upon them the king of the Chaldees,

who slew their young men, &c.CHAP. XXI. . 2 Chron. xxxvi. 15–17.

Affliction cometh not forth of the OF PUBLIC OR COMMON CALAMITIES dust, &c. he maketh sore and bindeth

AND JUDGMENTS, WHENCE THEY up.—Job v. 16. 18. ix. 12.

He turned their heart to hate his

people, and to deal subtilely with his Sect. I. That they are of God's ap

P" servants.-Ps. cv. 25. pointment, and none can keep them He gave them into the hand of the off, and none can guard against heathen: and they that hated them them.

ruled over them.-Ps. cvi. 41, 42. God saw that the wickedness of man xliv. 10–14. lx. 10. Lam. ii. 17. was great in the earth, &c. And the Assyrian, &c. I will send him Lord said, I will destroy man, whom against an hypocritical nation, &c. to I have created, from the face of the tread them down, &c. Isa. x. 5, 6. earth, &c. And behold, I, even I, do Behold, the Lord cometh out of his bring a food of waters upon the place to punish the inhabitants of the earth to destroy all flesh, &c. Ac- earth.-İsa. xxvi. 21. cordingly he brings the flood.-Gen. Yescornfulmen, &c. when the overvi.5.7.17. vii. 4. Job xxxvii. 11–13. flowing scourge shall pass through,

The Lord rained upon Sodom, and then ye shall be overthrown by it, upon Gomorrah, brimstone and fire &c. I have heard from the Lord from the Lord out of heaven: and God of hosts a consumption deterhe overthrew those cities.-Gen. xix, mined upon the whole earth.--Isa. 24, 25.

xxviii. 14, 15. 18. 22. God said, I will harden Pharaoh's Who gave Jacob for a spoil, and heart, that he shall not let the people Israel to the robbers ? Did not the g0.--Exod. iv. 21. xiv. 4. Josh. Lord; he against whom we have xi. 20.

sinned?—Isa. xlii. 24. Ezek. xxxix. See now that I am he, and there is 23, 24. Job xii. 23. no God with me: I kill, and I make I make peace, and create evil: I alive: I wound, and I heal; neither the Lord do all these things.- Isa. is there any that can deliver out of xlv. 7. my hand. - Deut. xxxii. 39.

I was wroth with my people: I · God's anger was hot against Israel, have polluted mine inheritance, and therefore he left their enemies amongst given them into thine hand, &c. them.—Judgés ii. 20—23.

therefore shall evil come upon thee, If ye turn away and forsake my &c. thou shalt not be able to put it statutes, &c. then will I pluck them off, &c. Isa.xlvii. 6.11. Jer. xlvi. 15. I have forsaken mine house: I to deliver them, &c.—Exod. iii. 7,8. have left mine heritage: I have given Acts vii. 34. the dearly beloved of my soul into God smote the Egyptians univerthe hands of her enemies.-Jer. xii. sally in the destruction of their first7-10.

born. But he said, Against any of At what instant I shall speak con- the children of Israel shall not a dog cerning a nation, and concerning a move his tongue, against man or kingdom, to pluck up, and to pull beast, &c. The plague shall not be down, and to destroy it: if that upon you.—Exod. xi. 57. xii. 13. nation, &c. Jer. xvii. 7,8.

The Lord shall judge his people, O thou sword of the Lord, &c. &c. when he sees that their power is how can it be quiet seeing the Lord gone. - Deut. xxxii. 36. 2 Kings hath given it a charge against Ashke- xiv. 26. lon? &c.--Jer. xlvii. 6,7.

Elijah and the widow fed in the Is there any sorrow like unto my time of the famine.—1 Kings xvii. sorrow, wherewith the Lord hath af- God said to Josiah, Thou shalt be flicted me in the day of his fierce gathered into thy grave in peace, and anger?-Lam. i. 12, &c. iii.

thine eyes shall not see all the evil Shall there be evil in a city, and which I will bring upon this place. the Lord hath not done it?--Amos 2 Kings xxii. 20. iii. 6.

In famine he shall redeem thee Therefore thus will I do unto thee, from death: and in war from the O Israel; and because I will do this power of the sword; at destruction unto thee, prepare to meet thy God, and famine thou shalt laugh.-Job &c.—Amos iv. 12.

v. 20. 22. Ps. xxxiii. 18, 19. Before these days there was no, Though the earth be moved, &c. &c. neither was there any peace to There is a river, the streams wherehim that went out or came in, because of shall make glad the city of God, of the affliction : for I set all men &c. God is in the midst of her, &c. every one against his neighbour.— -Ps. xlvi. 2-6. Zech. viii. 10.

Thou shalt not be afraid, &c. nor

for the pestilence, &c. nor for the Sect. 11. The Privileges of the Righ- destruction, &c.-Ps.xci. 5-7. xxxvii.

teous, and Servants of God, in Times 18. 19. of Calamity.

Despise not the chastening of the When God destroyed the whole world Lord : neither be weary of his corby the flood, Noah found grace in the rection.- Prov. iii. 11, 12 eyes of the Lord, and he and his fa- Come, my people, enter thou into mily were saved in the ark.-Gen. vi. thy chambers, and shut thy doors 8. 17, 18. vii. 1, &c.

about thee: hide thyself, &c. until God would have spared Sodom, the indignation be overpast: for befor the sake of ten righteous persons. hold, the Lord cometh out of his -Gen. xviii. 32.

place to punish the inhabitants of the In the destruction of Sodom, Lot earth, &c.—Isa. xxvi. 20, 21, was preserved and all his, and sent The whole land shall be desolate, out by the angel, from the overthrow, yet will I not make a full end. Jer. and escaped. Gen. xix. 12, 13. 15 iv. 27. v. 18. Isa. xvii. 446. Ezek. -17.

vi. 8. xi. 16. Jacob and his family nourished by For my name's sake will I defe. Joseph in the great famine.-Gen. mine anger, &c. that I cut thee not xlvii. 12, 13.

off, &c. for my name's sake, &c.I have surely seen the affliction of Isa. xlviii. 9. 11. my people, &c. and I am come down Run ye to and fro through the

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