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Gertrude Crocker ......
Fannie Quinn....
Sallie Adams..
Kate Sayres...
Emma G. Music.
Mabel Gray.

Paid Assistant, a. m.

Assistant, a. m.
Assistant, a. m.

.Director, p. m.
. Paid Assistant, p. m.

Assistant, p. m.

Dodier School, (AMES BRANCH).- Dodier street and St. Louis
Place; 240 seats.
Elizabeth Moerschel...

Head Assistant.
Eleanor A. Whittaker..

Third Assistant.
Bettina Krebs.... Third German-English Assistant.
Ella G. Webb.....

. Third Assistant.
Henry Clarner.... First German Assistant (1 day, p. m.)

Douglas School.-Eleventh and Howard streets; 700 seats.
DISTRICT Bounded north by Chambers street, east by Broad-
way to Howard, south by Howard to Tenth, east by Tenth to
Cass avenue, south by Cass avenue to Sixteenth, and west by
Francis E. Cook ....

Sarah R. Handy

Head Assistant.
Gertrude Garrigues.

First Assistant.
Helen B. Brown..

Second Assistant.
Susan I. Cochrane.

. Second Assistant, L. A.
Egenia Felix.....

Third Assistant.
Maggie R. McPherson

. Third Assistant.
Nannie E. Hopper..

Third Assistant.
Rosalind S. Fritch.

. Third Assistant.
Mary E. Spencer...

Third Assistant.
Maggie Radcliff.

Third Assistant.
Sallie E. Wash.

Third Assistant.
Lillian J. Lewis..

Second Assistant.
Jennie Kinkead

First Assistant.
Jennie Wahlert....

Head German Assistant.
Adelina E. Kersten.

Third German Assistant.

Douglas Branch, (Mullanphy).
Mary E. Tyler....

Head Assistant.
Alice M. Lowry.

Third Assistant.
Emma A. Whitman

.. Third Assistant.
Mary A. Root.....

Second Assistant.
Agatha Kadlowska.. First German Assistant (1 day, a. m.)

Lillie Park....
Fannie J. Hagaman
Marion Brindle..
Lillie Park....


Director, a. m.
.Paid Assistant, a. m.

Director, p. m.
Paid Assistant, p. m.

Eliot School.- Fifteenth and Walnut streets ; 1180 seats. DISTRICT Bounded north by Washington avenue to Fourteenth street, east by Fourteenth to Olive street, north by Olive to Twelfth street, east by Twelfth, south by Pacific Railroad, and west by Tayon avenue and Eighteenth street. Fannie M. Bacon.....

.... Principal.
Mira M. Logan.

Head Assistant.
Rebecca Taylor..

First Assistant.
Mary Cousland

Second Assistant.
Augusta Murtfeldt.

Third Assistant.
Fannie A. Robinson.

. Third Assistant.
Carrie B. Wright....

.. Third Assistant.
Eliza A. Stark...

Third Assistant.
Myra M. Ware.

Third Assistant.
Mary J. Brady.

Third Assistaut.
Ottilie Eisenhardt..

... Substitute.
Sallie W. Griffith.

Second Assistant.
Ella 0. Howard.....

....First Assistant.
Lydia Spæter.....

First German Assistant.

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Eliot Branch, (Eads.)— Fifteenth and Pine streets.
Eliza J. Isbell.

Head Assistant.
Kate M. Buckley

.. First Assistant.
Madeline Lasar. Third German-English Assistant.
Nellie White.....

Third Assistant.
Mary E. Donohue

Third Assistant.
Maria V. Degge..

Second Assistant.

Clara Hubbard ....

Director, a. m. and p. m.
Fannie Dodge...

Paid Assistant, a. m.
Maggie Flynn..

Paid Assistant, a. m.
Ida Favey...

... Paid Assistant, p. m.
Minnie Henley.

Paid Assistant, p. m.

Elleardsville School.-Belleglade avenue and Parsons street,
Elleardsville; 650 seats.
J. M. Thomson.

Sarah G. Hayes...

Head Assistant.

Josephine Husbands....

First Assistant.
Carrie E. liams.....

Second Assistant.
Mary V. Osburn.

Third Assistant.
Ella Wagner....

Third Assistant.
Belle F. Carroll.

.Third Assistant.
Ella M. Frederick.

Third Assistant.
Jennie F. Shumate..

.Third Assistant.
Mary C. Taylor....

.Third Assistant.
Jennie F. Morton..

..Third Assistant.
Carrie C. Bumann

Second Assistant.
Ella F. Stearns..

...... First Assistant.
Hermann Fischer....

First German Assistant.
Louis Cohen ... First German Assistant (1 day, p, m.)

Everett School.- Eighth street south of Cass avenue ; 940 seats. DISTRICT — Bounded north by Howard street, east by Broadway, south by Biddle street, and west by Tenth street.

A. F. Hamilton ....

... Principal.
Jennie G. Alexander..

.Head Assistant.
Mary J. Hunter...

. First Assistant.
Addine A. Roth..

Second Assistant.
Jessie R. Foster....

. Third Assistant.
Emma L. Conzelman... Third German-English Assistant.
Ella Pryor....

Third Assistant.
Ada Rosey

Third German-English Assistant.
Maggie E. Teernon.

Third Assistant.
Cora M. Shumate...

Third Assistant.
Sophie J. McElwain

Third Assistant.
Lizzie S. Sanders...

. Third Assistant,
Sallie N. Gates..

Second Assistant.
Jennie Largue.

Second Assistant.
Lizzie M. Goodfellow.

...... First Assistant.
Clara Boedeker....

... Second German Assistant.

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Franklin School.- Lucas avenue and Eighteenth street; 1515 seats. DISTRICT — Bounded north by Wash street, east by Twelfth street, south by Washington avenue, and west by Twentieth street.

Scott H. Blewett...
Emma A. Abbott..
Elizabeth L. Nason
Minnie L. Triplett...
Mary C. Meacham
Tillie E. Riley..
Marion Pryor.....
Luella Richards
Hattie Black.....
Fidelia H. Wright.
Margaret Sullivan
Mary A. Hogan....
Margaret F. Donavan.
Emily J. L. Meier.
Carrie L. Grumley
Mary J. Kean
Belle Sherrick..
Marthia J. Gilbraith
Kate E. Kelley ..
Jennie A. Fox.....
Eliz. J. R. Messenger..
Lizzie M. Ring.....
Sarah Y. Cole....
Amelia Manch...
Ida Kohn.....
Augusta C. Hansmann

.... Principal. Head Assistant. .Head Assistant. Fifth Assistant. . Fifth Assistant. ..First Assistant. Second Assistant. Third Assistant.

Substitute. Second Assistant.

... Substitute. . Second Assistant.

. Substitute. Third Assistant. Third Assistant. . Second Assistant. ..Third Assistant. . Second Assistant.

..Third Assistant. Third Assistant, L. A.

First Assistant.

. Substitute

Third Assistant. .Head German Assistant.

.. Substitute. . Substitute.

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Annie E. Harbaugh.....
Nellie Talmage....
Mary Ludlow.
S. Bell Barron
Kate L. Gaylor...
Mattie Johnson,
Susie McCann.
Alice Reiss....
Minnie B. Roberts...

. Director, a. m. Paid Assistant, a. m. Paid Assistant, a. m.

Assistant, a. m. Assistant, a. m.

.. Director, p. m. Paid Assistant. a. m. and p. m.

Paid Assistant, p. m.

Assistant, p. m.

Gardenville School.-Gravois Road, near King's Highway; 80 seats.

Charles Sommer. Beuleh Staats..

.... Principal .

. Substitute.

Grand View School.— Watson Road south of Old Manchester Road; 60 seats. M. F. Healey ...


Gravois School. - Gravois Road and Wyoming street; 240 seats. DISTRICT — Bounded north by Shenandoah street, east by California avenue, south by Osage street, and west by old city limits.

Annie C. Gates...

Head Assistant.
Adolphine Godron.

Dora E. Supples...

Melina S. Rutherford.

Third Assistant.
May J. Maher.....

. Second Assistant.
Mary Knust.... First German Assistant (1 day, a. m.)


Hamilton School.- Twenty-fifth and Dickson streets; 600 seats. DISTRICT — Bounded north by Cass avenue, east by Twentieth street, south by Biddle street, and west by Jefferson

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Humboldt School.— Jackson and Trudeau streets; 1120 seats. DISTRICT — Bounded north by Lafayette street, east by

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