Annual Report, Volume 27

Printed at the Republican office, 1882
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Página 150 - 1881. To the Hon. Board of Managers St. Louis Public School Library : The undersigned, Secretary and Treasurer of the Board of President and Directors of " The St. Louis Public Schools," said Board being the depository of the funds of the Public School Library, respectfully
Página 201 - Finding the quantity, when the cost is given and the price is an aliquot part of one dollar. Finding the cost, when the quantity and the price of 100 or 1000 are given. Finding the cost, when the quantity and the price of a ton
Página 236 - nerves (brain, five senses, and how to use them) ; 8, voluntary and involuntary motion, effect of exercise; 9, sleep, disease, death; 10, proper and improper hygienic habits (eating, drinking, sleeping, exercise, bathing, sitting in a draft of air, tight lacing, cramping the lungs, breathing pure air, keeping the feet warm and head cool, etc). SIXTH
Página 33 - To The Board of President and Directors of the St. Louis Public Schools, GENTLEMEN : — I have the honor to submit, herewith, the report of the
Página 275 - To the Honorable the Board of President and Directors of the St. Louis Public Schools : GENTLEMEN,—The annual reports of the Secretary for the fiscal year ending July 31,
Página 235 - Wheat, barley, oats, rye, Indian corn, rice; 2, potatoes, yams, beets, turnips, onions, beans, peas : 3, apples, peaches, pears, plums, cherries, oranges, bananas, lemons, bread-fruit, dates, pine-apples, figs, grapes; 4, sago, tapioca, sugar-cane, cocoa-nut, palm (its various uses); 5, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, nutmegs, vanilla; 6, tea, coffee, cocoa, mace; 7, Irish moss.
Página 231 - gained from a study of Calkin's Primary Object Lessons. FIRST GRADE. First Quarter: Study and use such portions of the first ten chapters of Hooker's Part I., as you can make available. Second Quarter: Chapters xi. to xxi. of the same book. Third Quarter: Chapters xxn. to xxvm. Fourth Quarter: Chapters xxix.
Página 230 - the industrial age in which they live. 2. In the fourth, fifth and sixth years these subjects of Natural Science are all taken up again in a second course, and much more scientifically developed: a) Botany, its method and practical application; b) Zoology and Human
Página 231 - down in the form of a synopsis. The blackboard is the most valuable appliance in oral lessons; on it should be written the technical words discussed, the classification of the knowledge brought out in the recitation, and, whenever possible, illustrative drawings.
Página 236 - continued—5, heat (sun, combustion, friction, effect on bodies, steam, thermometer, conduction, clothing, cooking, etc.); 6, light (sources, reflection, looking-glass, refraction, spectacles, microscope, prism, telescope, effect on growing bodies, photograph) ; 7, electricity (lightning, sealing-wax, experiments, etc.); 8, magnetism (mariner's compass, horse-shoe magnet, telegraph). Third Quarter.

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