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cal, which, if efficiently conducted, cannot fail to promote the holy cause of goodness and truth.

According to a resolution of the late General Conference, the editorial department has been altered. In order to give the work a greater concentration, it has been deemed advisable to have but one editor, who can in every case of difficulty and doubt, consult a council, or two or three of his brethren, for the purpose of assisting his judgment, and relieving him from the entire burden of responsibility, either in admitting or rejecting papers, which, in the estimation of some, might not be considered calculated to promote the good cause, which the Repository has now for thirty years, been established to advance.

As the communication between all parts of the kingdom is now so speedy and regular, that every town of importance may be considered as a centre of communication, still acknowledging the metropolis as the great centre of publication and national business, it has also been deemed advisable, for the present at least, to print this periodical in Manchester; especially, as, according to the report of the committee appointed to examine into the expenses attending the printing, &c. of the Repository, it was found, from estimates and specimens of printing, paper, &c., that it could be printed at Manchester equally as well as heretofore, at a saving of between £50 and £60 per annum. This measure will, we think, be seen by every person to be just and proper, particularly as the funds for the printing of the Magazine, are, by no means, in an affluent state.

The two agents in London, appointed by Conference, for the sale of its publications, Mr. Hodson, 112, Fleet Street, and Mr. Newbery,6, Chenies Street, Beford Square, will be supplied with the work in abundance of time to transmit it to all parts of the kingdom, by the first of each month. These agents are, therefore, referred to as the responsible parties for the due transmission of the Magazine to those societies and booksellers who take in the work.

All communications will, in future, be sent to the Editor, No. 2, Ordsall Terrace, Regent Road, Salford.

Accrington, Farewell to dear friends Duties of the Father of a Family, 209
emigrating from, 178

Education, Reflections on, for extending
Allegation, On the erroneous, that the the Ministry of the New Church, 292

Hebrew is the basis of the Science of Extract from a Review of Swedenborg's
Correspondences, 89

Poems, 81
Balaam and Balak, from Swedenborg's

from the Correspondence of the
Notes, 41, 121

late Mr. Salmon, 393
Baptism of Infants, an additional Use of, 9

from Seneca, 141
Beyer, Dr., Letters to and from Swe. Family Prayer, the Eminent Uses of, 128
denborg, 296

Folly of interpreting the Word in a lite-
Body, Natural and Material, on the ral Manner, 87

Meaning of the terms of, 370, 467 Freedom of a Man and a Spirit, distinc-
British Critic, 412

tion between, 281
Canons of the New Church, 441

Ferelius' Letter concerning Swedenborg,
Changes, Ecclesiastical, on the Prospect 229
of, 267

Fourier's System and the London Pha.
Chester, Bishop of, 412

lanx, 189
Christian Ministry, on the Constitution Gibbon's, Rev. G., Recent Attack, Re-
and Nature of, 285

flections on, i
Church, New, Means of extending the Goodness, the great importance of Truth
Ministry of, 292

as well as, in the Regeneration of Man,
Church, Hear the, 382, 418, 456

Church, how far the objects of Nature Good, the, of the External Man, On the

correspond to the existing State of, 13 Comparative Inefficacy of, 401
“ Consecration,” meaning of, 469 God generally worshiped, by modern
Coleridge's Opinion of the Calumny that Christians, as infinite power, rather
Swedenborg was mad, 146

than goodness, 454
Colours, and their Symbolical Meaning, Health of the Body and Mind, On the

Relation subsisting between the, 241
Conjugial Love, Treatise on, Reflections “Hear the Church,” 382, 418, 456

occasioned by the Rev. G. Gibbon's Heaven, the Word is for ever settled in,
Attack, 1

Contradiction and Confusion in the pre- Hebrew, the Basis of the Science of
valent Religious Opinions, 388

Correspondence, 17, 89, 165
Correspondence of Spiritual with Natural History of Balaam and Balak, 41, 121
Things, 10

Hymn-Book, Conference, Remarks on
- Science of, Hebrew the Hymn 28, 144
Basis of, 89, 165

Immutability, 252
a Practical Science, 135, Importance of Truth as well as of good

in the Regeneration of Man, 303
- in the Spiritual world is Infants, an Additional Use of the Bap-
with its inhabitants, &c., 207

tism of, 9
-- Reflections on the Sci. Interpretation, of Mal. iii. 3, 4, 392
ence of, 244

Invention by Swedenborg of a New Stove
- of Salt, 374

for warming Apartments, 45
Dagistan, Jews of, &c., 264

of a New Me-
Deluge, Dr. Pye Smith on the, 55

thod of finding the Longitude, 45
Designation New Jerusalem Church, on Languages, Of the Dead, 373, 426
the, 85, 141, 170, 217, 256

Letter, Swedenborg's, to Dr. Menandez,
Diet of Sweden, Memorial to the, by Swe.
denborg, 321

- concerning Charles
Discovery and Perception of Truth, 57 the 12th, 161
Discussion, A, on the Human Soul, 325.

- to Dr. Beyer, 296
Dissertations on the Regenerate Life, 25 Letter to Ferelius concerning Sweden-
Distinction, on the, between the Freedom b org, 229
of a Man and of a Spirit, 281

Letter to a Friend, answering objections
Documents Concerning Swedenborg, 227, to the Doctrines of the New Church,
296, 470


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Life and Character of Swedenborg, Do. Reflections .occasioned by the Rev. G.
cuments concerning, 227, 296

Gibbon's Attack, &c., 1
6. Lunacy," the Name, a Popular Illu. Reflections on the Science of Corres.
sion, 266

pondences, 244
Mansions of Heaven, 302

Reflections on Education, &c., 292
Meaning of the Terms Natural Body and Regenerate Life, Dissertations on the, 25
Material Body, 370, 467

Remarks on the Paper of O. P., 305, 334
Memoranda respecting Swedenborg, 250 Remnant, The, found, &c., 264
Meaning of " Consecration,” 469 Reply to an Old Reader, 428
Memorial, presented by Swedenborg, to Review, Extract from a, on Sweden-
the Diet, 321

borg's Poems, 81
Method, New, of finding the Longitude, Salmon, late Mr., Extract from the Cor.

respondence of, 393,
Ministry, New Church, 462

Salt, on the Correspondence of, 393
New Church, on the Means of extending Science of Correspondences, Hebrew the
the Ministry of, 292

Basis of, 17
New Church Ministry, 462

Science of Correspondences, Reflections
Non-personality of the Holy Spirit, 405 on, 244
Notes, Swedenborg's, on Numbers, 41, Seneca, Extract from, 141

Signs of the Times, 201
Note from a Correspondent, 266

Smith, Dr. Pye, on the Deluge, 201
Note, Combe's, on the Swedenborgians Soul, On the Human, 374
in Boston, 390

Spirit, Holy, On the Non-Personality
Objects of Nature, how far they corre. of, 405

spond to the existing State of the Swedenborg's Notes on Numbers, 41, 121
Church, 13


Documents concerning,
Opinion of Coleridge of the Calumny 227, 296, 470
that Swedenborg was mad, 146

- Letter to Dr. Menandez, 57
Opinions, the Prevalent Religious, marked

- Poems, 81
by Contradiction and Confusion, 388

Invention of a new stove, 45
Opinions, Speculative in Religion, 390

of a New Method
Paper of 0. P., Remarks on, 305, 334 of finding the Longitude, 45
Percival, A. P., 412

- Letters to Dr. Beyer, 296
Phalanx, London, and Fourier's System,

, Memoranda concerning,

Poems, Swedenborg's, Extract from a

- Memorial to the Diet, 321
Review of, 81

Swedenborgians in Boston, Note on, 390
Possibility of Spiritual beings being seen Terms Natural Body and Material Body,
by animals, 187

On the meaning of the, 370, 467
Prayer, Private and Family, 128

Theology of the New Church, Canons
Prospect of Ecclesiastical Changes, &c. of, 441

Trinity, Remarks on the, 405
Question, 393

Truth, the great Importance of, as well
Reason, has it an absolute or only a re. as of Goodness in Regeneration, 303
lative value in discovering Truth, 57 Word, The, is for ever settled in heaven, 220

Entranced Female, 339

Madeley's Hymns of Prayer and Praise,
Glasgow Series of Christian Tracts, 480 312
Gray's Conversations on Spiritual sub- Magazine for the Children of the New
jects, 29

Church, 70
---- Juvenile Ballads, 396

Scenes of Joy and Woe, 26
Holy Bible, with Emendations, 64, 95 Sibly's Exposition of Daniel, 308
Haughton on Sex in the World to Come, Smithson's Second Letter to Gibbon,
150, 233

Letter to a Friend on Swedenborgian. Swedenborg's Select Sentences, 60, 147
ism, 429

Swedenborg in the “PennyCyclopædia,"
Macara's Treatise on the Scriptural Doc.

trines of Redemption and Salvation,

on the Intestines, 337

Uncle George's Alfred, 29
Mason's Parent's Friend, 309

Young Christian's Earliest Friend, 395

To the Butterfly, 275

Lines composed for a Lady's Album, 431
Elegy to Mrs. Sarah Coulson, 433

Interesting Intelligence, 31, 105,, 219 Anniversary, 21st, 194, 277

Special General Meeting, 434
Anniversary, 33rd, 276

Metropolis, Lectures in, 437
Birmingham, Lectures at, by the Rev. Oxford, Lectures at, by the Rev. J. H.
E. Madeley, 108

Smithson, 111, 157
Cheltenham, Rev. D. Howarth's visit to Potteries, Lectures in the, by the Rev. D.

Howarth, 313

America, 114, 280, 354, 438

London New Jerusalem Church Free
Anniversary of the Ladies' Reading Meet School, 115, 193
ing, Peter-street, Manchester, 237

United Society at, 39
Avowal, Public, of the Writings of Swe. Magazine for the Children of the New
denborg, 199

Church, 160
Birmingham, Annual Meeting of the Manchester, Annual Meeting of the Mem-

Teachers of the Sunday Schools, 315 bers of the Society in Peter-street, 78
Birmingham 12th Annual Report of Sun - - Visit to the Day Schoo's
day School Committee, 316

of, 77
Brightlingsea, 358

- Whit-week in, 138
Sunday School Anniver. Marriages, 79, 118, 200
sary, 439

Morning and Evening Services, 78
Cross-street Sunday School, 235, 236 New Brunswick, 439
Consecration of the Rev. E. Madeley, 439 Notices of Meetings, 280
Dalton Sunday School, 239

Obstacles, Unexpected, in Advertising
Erratum, 160

New Church Works, 37
Errata in last volume, 239

Opposition excited by distributing Tracts
Fifeshire, Missionary Efforts-in, 195 at Bath, 196
General Conference, 320

· Ordination of Mr. J. F. Wynn, 439
Gibbon's Rev. G., Attacks upon the New Publications, New, 40, 117
Church, 158

Ramsbottom, and the Rev. G. Gibbon, 35
Haslingden, Remarkable zeal and liber Salisbury, 160
ality at, 198

Salford, Visit to the Day Schools of, 77
Hoxton Sunday School, 357

Sunday School Union, 38
Haworth, Mr. A., Testimonial of Re. Scotland--Seventh Annual Meeting of
spect to, 319

the General Missionary Assembly, 194
Jersey, 38

Swedenborg, Public Avowal of Belief in
Letters from a Traveller in the East, 71 the Writings of, 199

Artingstall, Mrs. Sarah, 160

March, Mrs. Sarah, 440
Chipperfield, Mrs. Sarah, 199

Melling, Mr. Thomas, 440
Coulson, Mrs., 119

Riley, Mrs. Hann ab, 200
Gentry, Mr. John, 358

Seldon, Miss Mary, 360
Gibbs, Mrs. Elizabeth, 359

Small, Mrs. Rachel, 79
Gilbert, Mr. John, 359

Wills, Mrs., 18
Lancaster, Mr. Robert, 240

Wynn, Mr. Thomas, 240
Le Cras, Eleanor, 40

Young, Mr. Thomas, 200
Mackie, Mr. Robert, 79

Concluding Address of the Editors, 483

Printed by J. S. Hopson, Jan. 17, Clement's Lane, Strand.

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