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ministers, a committee of the ministers rules to be printed, and send a copy was appointed to consider whether that to each society for their consideration, service could not be altered with advantage. with a request that they return the same

The Manchester Tract Society, it will to the Conference committee, within two be recollected, was founded by the liber- months from the receipt thereof. ality of Mr. Senior, and is calculated to 146. Resolved, That the Rules of be of essential service to the Church as a Conference being under revision, societies means of diffusing a knowledge of the are requested to guide themselves by the heavenly doctrines. In order to give per- rules, as printed in the last Minutes, it manency to so influential and important being unadvisable to reprint them in tbe an institution, an application was made by present Minutes, under the above cirthe committee to the Trustees of the Ge- cumstances. neral Conference North of Trent, for them. The Conference is to be held next to take the society under their protection, year at the church in Peter street, Manand so to identify it with the Conference. chester. To this they consented, the subject having We have thus, we believe, noticed previously been well discussed, and it ap- every point of general interest that ocpearing to be the best way of carrying out curred during the sitting of Conference. the benevolent intentions of the founder. We are well aware, however, that what When it was brought before Conference we have said will not afford an adequate for confirmation, a lengthened discussion idea of the amount of labor sustained by ensued; while it was the unanimous the members, who were occupied early opinion that the institution was a most and late, with scarcely any intermission, valuable one, and well deserving of being from Tuesday morning till Saturday evenplaced as far as possible on a permanent ing : that can only be appreciated by foundation, some members were afraid those who have performed the duty them. that the Conference would be incurring selves. The heat of the weather was a responsibility without at the same time oppressive; and towards the close the having the means within its power of ex. friends from Lancashire were rendered ercising the necessary controul over the anxious by the alarming accounts transactions of the society. The proceed that reached them of the rising of the ings of the trustees were however ulti. populace in their neighbourhood. A mately approved and confirmed by the strong desire to promote the welfare Conference.

of the Church, we believe, influenced Agreeably to a notice in the Con every member; and we sincerely hope that ference circular, a revised and improved the divine blessing may accompany the recode of rules of Conference had been pre- sults, and prove that their labours were pared, having a better arrangement, wisely directed. omitting redundances and supplying defi- For full particulars we must refer to ciences. These were presented, but there the Minutes, which will shortly be pubnot being sufficient time left to give these lished. As a larger number of copies due consideration, the following resolu- will be printed than last year, the various tions were passed :

societies will have a better supply for 136. That a committee be appointed distribution among their members. to whom these rules shall be referred, A considerable and happy assemblage who shall consider them, and report of the friends met the members of the thereon to the Conference committee, Conference at tea, on Thursday evening, within six months after the adjournment in the large school-room. The room was of this Conference.

decorated in a manner equally creditable 138. Resolved, That the Conference to the feeling, taste, and diligence of the committee, on receiving the report, as younger female friends, who had underrequired by the above resolution, are to taken the task. We say to the feeling, consider the same forthwith; cause the because the motto, in laurel leaves, “Wis

dom, love, and use," which they had placed the regenerate mind acts in descending on the wall over the chair, indicated, that into the various uses of life, in acting while intent on ornament, they had not from love by wisdom; and the order of lost sight of higher considerations. It the words " wisdom, love, and use,' happened, that under a guiding, good exhibiting the course by which the mind Providence, this motto proved the guid. labours up the hill of Zion, in acting on ing-star of the proceedings of the even- all occasions, according to the truths of ing. The meeting was addressed after wisdom, and thus attaining more and tea by the chairman, the Rev. E. Made. more to the reception of love :- the first ley, whose suitable and weighty observa. indeed being the order according to tions, as well as his previous arrange which the inhabitants of heaven think and ments with the other speakers, were well act; and the second, the order by which calculated to give that high moral and re- the true man of the church seeks to beligious tone which pre-eminetly distin- come an angel. guished the proceedings throughout. He The sentiments uttered on this occawas followed by the undermentioned min sion were meet for the ears of angels ; nisters :-_Messrs. Smithson, Woodman, and the pure and simple eloquence with Howarth, Bayley, Storry, Shaw, Mason, which they were delivered, varied by the Rendell, and T. Goyder; and these gen- peculiar turn of thought and feeling of tlemen were followed by Mr. Knight, the various speakers, and the particular whose observations were marked by a subjects given to them, we are bold to strain of lively and delicate allusions to say, would not have discredited a highly the happiness conferred by the sexes on polished assembly. This evening will be each other, it being his province to re- long remembered by those who were preturn thanks to the ladies for their kind sent, as most satisfactorily proving the attentions. The higbly pleasing address steady and successful advancement of the of this gentleman was followed, after a New Church in the true essentials of that few words from Mr. Dearden, by some church, namely, intelligence in divine concluding remarks from the worthy truth, united with the pure love of goodchairman.

ness. A divine sphere seemed to swell The speakers had been judiciously re. the channels of truth so largely opened quested not to occupy above a quarter of by the different speakers, even to overan hour, also to adopt each a different flowing, and compelled the conviction and subject, and as far as convenient, to in- confession,-"The Lord is in this place!" terweave their remarks with those of We might profitably have given the subtheir predecessors. This arrangement stance of the speeches, but to do so gave to the speeches at the same time a would have occupied more space than remarkable degree of blended unity and we can possibly spare; we must there. variety. The first speaker adverted to fore be content with the above general the motto before mentioned, reversing its notice. order to love, wisdom, and use, and then In compliance with the rules of Conmade it the pivot on which his thoughts ference, divine service was performed on moved, in presenting his ideas on the the evenings of Tuesday and Friday; the particular subject committed to him. Rev. J. Bradley preached on the former Other speakers, in following him, also occasion, and the Rev. D. Howarth on viewed their particular subjects in the the latter. We cheerfully bear testimony light of the motto thus reversed, until to the healthy condition of the Birmingsome proceeded to take it as it stood ham society, evidenced by the regularly (wisdom, love, and use), and thus intro- good attendance at the Lord's house and duced a new and highly pleasing and table, by the beautiful singing in which edifying train of thought ;-the order of most of the congregation heartily join, the words, "love, wisdom, and use," ex. the order and zeal exhibited by the hibiting the course according to which younger members as teachers in the Sunday school, and at their meetings for mu. tual instruction, and by the strong mutual affection existing between the pastor and his flock. The members of Conference must have been greatly pleased by the careful attention of the Birming

ham friends to their comfort both in pro.. curing them lodgings, and in arranging for them to partake of dinner and tea together during their sittings. Their individual hospitality too will long be cherished in remembrance.

ADDRESS Of the General Conference of the New Church, signified by the New Jerusalem in the

Revelation, to the Members of the New Church throughout the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

urmanminman BELOVED BRETHREN, — Having been wavering attachment of a friend and engaged, as is our annual custom, in de- brother, the anxious and fervent affection liberating upon the concerns of our Lord's of a mother's love, and the deepest emokingdom upon earth, we, the ministers tions of a father's bosom, are but faint and representatives forming the Thirty- and feeble images of the inexpressible fifth Conference, cannot return to our se. sweetness and unalterable depth of the veral homes without offering our congra- the desire he has to bless his children: tulations and advice to you on the emi- nay, that the dark abode of unceasing nent blessings we enjoy by the mercy of sorrow itself, is watched by his com. our common Father and Redeemer. passionate care, to mitigate its miseries.

The dispensation we rejoice in surpasses so that in very deed the Lord is good our highest hopes, our most exalted anti- to all. cipations. In importance, in fulness, and Not only has the person of the Lord in beauty, the most lively expectations of been exalted in our perceptions above the truth to be enjoyed, have fallen far short cloud by which he had been previously of the reality we experience. Before the obscured, but how different is the position Second Advent the human soul saw its in which we behold his Word from that Divine Author only through the dark in which it was before regarded. Men clouds of the natural mind. The sun of trembled for the ark of God. Assailed heaven was obscured by the mists of igno- by hosts of adversaries, its apparent disrance, prejudice, and passion. The God crepancies exultingly displayed, its deof the universe was but too generally es. fenders sought rather to apologize for its teemed as the head of a sect whose vo- statements than triumphantly to display taries might anathematize all others to its beauty and truth ; satisfied if they could promote his glory. And those who pos- elicit enough of the sacred Word to afford sessed some portion of heaven's sweet authority for a meagre faith, the great spirit of love, tremblingly exclaimed, They mass of divine revelation was represented have taken away my Lord, and I know as of very inferior importance, as capanot where they have laid him. Adored ble of being readily dispensed with, withbe his mercy, it is not so in his New out damage to the high concerns of reliChurch. Our Saviour God has revealed gion. But now, brethren, we know we himself as love itself and wisdom itself. have the oracles of God. Al its pages He has removed the veil that shrouded his are replete with saving truth, its apparently attributes. He has explained the appear- least interesting portions are full of weighty ances in the letter of his Word, which, admonitions, or of encouraging counsels, though necessary to the merely natural and constrain us to wonder at its wismind, had bewildered many a pious in. dom, and adore its author. quirer after truth. And he has disco- The Lord's kingdom above, hidden as vered to our delighted view that the un. it has been to the human mind, so that speculation itself had almost ceased to your individual religion ; 2ndly., the adnotice it, has, to the eye of faith and prac- vancement of domestic piety; and 3rdly., tice, been fully revealed. Our hopes are the zealous and active discharge of your now animated by our knowledge of societies' requirements, and, especially, heaven's increasing blessedness. Our warm co-operation with your brethren in faith in the great principles of love and the promotion of the cause of New-Church obedience, is more than ever confirmed, education. These duties are of presentand for we see their results in a happy eter- everlasting concern. We must not forget nity. And from the harmony, magnifi- that all our capability to further the designs cence, and happiness that reign there, our of God, by promoting the designs of man, hearts throb with more fervent desire that depends upon our individual increase in the Lord's will may be done on earth as holiness and wisdom. Redemption on it is done in heaven. Truly may every the grand scale was only effected, that member of the Lord's New Jerusalem there might be in us individual redempexclaim with the Psalmist, “ The lines are tion,-a deliverance from sin. Heaven is fallen unto me in pleasant places, mine only secured by the cultivation in our is a goodly heritage."

hearts of a miniature paradise of inno. While however the Conference would cence, charity, integrity, and purity. That sincerely rejoice with you over these in our bosoms may be the abode of these valuable blessings, they would faithfully hallowed graces, let us be frequent remind you that superior mercies involve and fervent in our supplications to our superior responsibilities. That the very adorable Saviour, that he will be pleased plenitude of light we possess, presents a to deliver us from our own infirmities and danger we cannot too anxiously avoid; our sins, and make us images and likethat of learning the Lord's will only and nesses of himself. doing it not. The truth as now re- The practice of family devotion is of vealed is so attractive, and leads to fields high and solemn import to us all. Famiof contemplation so rich and so extensive, lies were doubtless instituted of the Dithat, unless we are specially guarded, we vine Providence, that all the members, shall become speculative rather than being united by endearing attachment, practical ;-permitting truth to be in us might promote each other's good, and a faultlessly beautiful but lifeless statue, above all their everlasting good. The instead of a living power mighty to save. exercises of religion in a family spreads To avoid this awful delusion we would a spirit of sweetness there ; deepens the urge you, brethren, constantly to remem- interest one portion of a household has ber, that the Lord's kingdom in heaven in another's welfare ; enlists the youthful and on earth, is a kingdom of uses; that mind in the service of its Saviour ; awaevery truth which does not terminate in kens attention to the solemn themes of practical goodness, is fleeting and unsta- eternity; and establishes the dominion of ble, and to us will ultimately be lost. the Lord, our heavenly Father, over all

Works of devotion, open communion the beloved influences of home. How with the Lord, works of self-denial ; lead wise and how worthy of our adoption, to the subjugation of evil; and works of then, is the exclamation of the venerable virtuous obedience lead us to realize an- leader of Israel, “ As for me and my gelic joy. Let us then cheerfully obey house we will serve the Lord.” our Lord, and work to-day in his vine The third grand practical duty, which yard, for, as said the Apostle of the Gen- we would urgently press upon you as tiles, “ To every soul of man that worketh worthy of all acceptation, is, the encourgood, there is glory, honour, and im agement and support of New Church mortal life.”

education. This should be pre-eminently The departments of practical duties we esteemed, for it is doubtless one of the would most prominently press upon your most extensive evident signs and admiraconsideration, are, ist., the promotion of ble fruits of the Second Coming of the Lord. Before that period no Sabbath ly, and, above all, perseveringly. So schools existed, now millions of chil. shall we see the holy influence of the dren are being taught in them to heavenly kingdom diffusing itself among reverence the Lord. But what in the sons and daughters of our country. valuable uses are such institutions capable So shall we behold them growing in grace of performing to the rising generation of and wisdom, as in stature; and while the New Church! In them first im. their beloved teachers and benefactors pressions are made favourable to piety, are experiencing the angelic delight of order, and virtue. In them children are doing good, the prophetic exultation will led to honour the Sabbath, and its Lord. be realized, “How goodly are thy tents In them kind attachments are formed, that O Jacob, and thy tabernacles, O Israel! tend to preserve in the paths of religion As the valleys are they spread forth, as those who otherwise would sink into dis- gardens by the river's side, as the trees order and vice. In them the Church can of lignaloes, that the Lord hath planted, act upon parents in a gentile state, who and as cedars beside the waters." respect those who love their children, Finally, brethren, consider that every and try to do them good. In them the truth from the blessed opening of the Church provides accessions to her ranks Word, that is now taking place, is of of useful and active members. And in practical import. Let it be esteemed for them habits of teaching have already pre- its Giver's sake and for its own, and at pared the way for many young men to once reduced to use. Work while it is exert themselves in the ministry, and day. It is the glory of our Church that be a blessing to mankind. Such are the all her religion has relation to life, and claims of Sabbath schools to the especial that the life of her religion is to do good. favour of the New Jerusalem. The Con. Let this be your glory, brethren, and ference, therefore, would express its deep rapidly we shall find the divine words acconviction that next to the ministry complished: “The kingdoms of this itself, New Church education is be. world are become the kingdoms of our yond all doubt, the most powerful means Lord and of His Christ, and He shall of acting on the mass of mankind, which reign for ever and ever." the Church possesses. We would On behalf of the Conference, press, therefore, upon members of every

Yours faithfully, class and age, to apply themselves

J. BAYLEY. to this exalted use, cheerfully, fervent


The 33rd report is recently published, nold, head master of Rugby School, and and we proceed as usual to give a sketch the Rev. G. D. Haughton, author of the of its contents. It begins by stating that Essay on Sex in the World to come. Mr. during the past year the society has pub- Dickens, in his note of thanks for the lished the Heavenly Doctrines, the Last work on Heaven and Hell, assures the Judgment and Continuation, the Sacred society " that he will not reject the book Scriptures, Faith, and the White Horse ; unexamined," (be is at present quite un. and that the Heaven and Hell, the Din acquainted with it, save from their de. vine Love and Wisdom, and the Coronis, scription,) and that it shall have his most are in the press.

careful and attentive consideration. Dr. Among the persons, as well as societies, Arnold, who had published two sermons to whom copies of some of the works on the Interpretation of Prophecy, in his were presented, were the popular writer, letter to the secretary, written only a few Mr. Dickens, the late lamented Dr. Ar. days before his decease, intimates that he

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