What Evangeline Adams Knew

Stella Mira Books, 2004 - 256 páginas
Once the world's most famous astrologer, Evangeline Adams single-handedly popularized astrology in the United States. Now, for the first time, Adams' biographer, astrologer Karen Christino, uncovers all of her astrological secrets. In an easy-to-understand format, you'll discover: - How Adams predicted World War II and the stock market crash of 1929 - How Evangeline foresaw death for Enrico Caruso and Rudolph Valentino - How she chose presidential winners - Evangeline's work with the magician Aleister Crowley, and for clients like Edgar Cayce, Joseph Campbell, Eugene O'Neill and Tallulah Bankhead - Evangeline on trial, with actual court transcripts - How Evangeline chose travel and wedding dates, and analyzed marriage potential in the horoscope.

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