Theoretical Reservoir Ecology and Its Applications

J. G. Tundisi, Milan Straškraba
International Institute of Ecology, 1999 - 585 páginas
Reservoir design and operation: limnological implications and management opportunities. Self-organization, direct and indirect effects. Main processes in the water column determined by wind and rainfall at Lobo (Broa) Reservoir: implications for phosphorus cycling. The relationship between fish yield and stocking density in reservoirs from tropical and temperate regions. Suspended clay: its role in reservoir productivity. Predictability of seasonal and diel events in tropical and temperate lakes and reservoirs. Heat bidgets, thermal structure and dissolved oxygen in Brazilian reservoirs. Numerical modelling and reservoir management: applications of the DYRESM model. A simplified 2D-vertical plane numerical solution for reservoir flows. Seasonal horizontal gra dients of dissolved oxygen in a temperate austral reservoir. Patterns of colonization in neotropical reservoirs, and prognoses on aging. Impacts of protistan grazing on bacterial dynamics and composition in reservoirs of different trophy. Limnological aspects of Sicilian reservoirs: a comparative, ecosystemic approach. Longitudinal processes in Canyon type reservoirs: the case of Sau (N.E. Spain). Limnological differences between a shallow pre-reservoir and a shallow lake: a case study of the Upper Kis-Balaton reservoir and Lake Balaton. Retention time as a key variable of reservoir limnology. The effect of changing flushing rates on development of late summer Aphanizomenon and Microcystis populations in a shallow lake, Muggelsee, Berlin, Germany. The cascading reservoir continuum concept (CRCC) and its application to the river Tiete-basin, Sao Paulo State, Brazil. Phytoplankton assemblages in reservoirs. Ecological theory applied to reservoir zooplankton. The species richness of reservoir plankton and the effect of reservoirs on plankton dispersal (with particular emphasis on rotifers and cladocerans). Water quality and fishery management in lake Kinneret, Israel. Theoretical basis for reservoir management. Fish effects on reservoir trophic relationships. Biomanipulation and ecological modelling. Reservoir ecosystem functioning: theory and application.

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SelfOrganization Direct and Indirect Effects
Main Processes in the Water Column Determined by Wind and Rainfall at Lobo
The Relationship Between Fish Yield and Stocking Density in Reservoirs From
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