The Way of a Man

The Outing Publishing Company, 1907 - 345 páginas

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Página 178 - I'll chase the antelope over the plain. And the tiger's cub I'll bind with a chain. And the wild gazelle with the silvery feet I'll give to thee for a playmate sweet.
Página 85 - Army, and all, as though we had been caught doing some ignoble thing. For my part, although I hope mawkishness no more marks me than another, and although I made neither then nor at any time a resolution to discontinue sports of the field, I have never since then shot in a pigeon match, nor cared to see others do so. "Now wasn't that like Ellen!
Página 84 - Orme and Mr. Cowles, Miss Ellen." "Sport, great sport, isn't it?" cried the girl, holding out her drabbled hands. "Look there" — she pointed toward the pile of dead birds — "hundreds of these killed, for money, for sport. It isn't sport. You had all these birds once, you owned them.
Página 226 - I'm my own man, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse ... till Death do part me from myself. (After a moment.) You want too much, Charley . . . What right have you got to have things simple? CHARLEY. (Smiles, acknowledging.} The motto of my family is Dum spiro, spero . . . While I breathe, I hope . . . (Then seriously.) I asked Barbara to go to The Bahamas with me for...
Página 135 - and I think the best thing we can do is to let them alone and go on up the valley. We're too strong for them, and their medicine don't seem to be for war right now." Belknap nodded, and Auberry turned again to the four Sioux, who stood, tall and motionless, looking at us with fixed, glittering eyes. I shall remember the actors in that little scene so long as I live. "We have spoken...
Página 243 - What does this mean?" he asked. "It means, sir," said I, "what it says; that here or anywhere, in sickness or in health, in adversity or prosperity, until I lie down to die and she beside me in her time, we two are in the eye of God married, and in the eye of man would have been, here or wherever else we might be." I saw his face pale; but a somber flame came into his eyes. "And you say this — you, after all that I know regarding you!
Página 338 - You had no right to do so. The pickets should have stopped you," I said. "At the same time, I am very glad they didn't." "So you are a colonel," she said after a time, with an Army girl's nice reading of insignia. " Yes," I answered,
Página 3 - I was just wandering down the lane," she said, "to see if Jerry had found my horse Fanny." "Old Jerry's a mile back up the road,"' said I, "fast asleep under the -hedge." "The black rascal!" "He is my friend," said I, smiling. "You do indeed take me for some common person," said she, "as though I had been looking for " "No, I take you only for the sweetest Sheraton ever came to meet a Cowles from the farm yonder.
Página 87 - I talk to her when I see her!" "So that was Ellen," I said to Kitty. CHAPTER XI THE MORNING AFTER Events had somewhat hurried me in the two days since my arrival at Jefferson Barracks, but on the morning following the awkward ending of my match with Orme, I had both opportunity and occasion to take stock of myself and of my plans. The mails brought me two letters, posted at Wallingford soon after my departure: one from Grace Sheraton and one from my mother. The first one what shall I say? Better...
Página 181 - Shall we go back to camp?" she asked in perturbation, forgetting that there was no camp, that by this time the wagons would be far on to the west. For reasons of my own I thought it better to go back to the dead antelope, and so told her. "It is over there," she said, pointing in the direction from which she thought she had come. I differed with her, remembering I had ridden with the sun in my face when following it, and remembering the shape of the hilltop near by. Finally my guess proved correct,...

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