The Three Faces of Eve

Three Faces of Eve, 1992 - 308 páginas
P.O. Box 2619, Augusta, GA 30914-2619. Shipping by the regular book rate. First revised Edition, 1992, contains the latest thinking by Drs. Corbett Thigpen & Hervey Cleckly on multiple personality. Hailed as outstanding! This nonfiction scientific documentary of multiple personality electrified psychology & psychiatry. Drs. J. McV. Hunt & Cordon Allport, outstanding psychologists, hailed it, "The most delightful treatise of psychopathological literature of the mid-twentieth century." THE THREE FACES OF EVE has been translated into 28 different languages & remains the definitive work in multiple personality. This world-renowned treatise has become a psychological classic. Increasingly, it has been cited for high literary merit. It is required reading in many colleges & universities in psychology & English literature. It is a popular public library book. An Academy Award winning motion picture starring Joanne Woodward, THE THREE FACES OF EVE was acclaimed by hundreds of outstanding newspapers & magazines. THE SATURDAY REVIEW SYNDICATE said, "The most extraordinary & fascinating book of the year." LOS ANGELES TIMES, "Pales most novels in comparison." INDIANAPOLIS STAR, "--fascinating & engrossing." CHICAGO TRIBUNE, "An unforgettable experience."

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