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We all use salt in one form or another - in fact the human body can't even survive without the stuff. Nowadays in the modern world it's cheap to buy, all supermarkets stock it, and most people never give much thought to it. This book is an attempt to widen our view of salt. It's the story of salt, its history, how it's made, where it comes from, how it's affected mankind in the past, the vast riches that have been made from it. All this and much more will be revealed. The book is not a learned treatise on the subject, it's more of a ramble through the world of salt with all sorts of bits and pieces of different information just thrown together. It's not really intended to be read from cover to cover but to be dipped into, whenever the fancy takes you. This book is a result of my dabbling in the world of salt! All profits from this book will be donated to third world charities,

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