Tales of the Hall, Volume 1

John Murray, 1819 - 353 páginas

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Página 213 - Till as the morning sun-beams glow, " ' The cold phosphoric fires decay. " ' That is the grave to Lucy shown, " ' The soil a pure and silver sand, " ' The green cold moss above it grown, " ' Unpluck'd of all but maiden hand : "
Página 313 - a day, ere yet the autumn closed, When, ere her wintry wars, the earth reposed, When from the yellow weed the feathery crown, Light as the curling smoke, fell slowly down; When the wing'd insect settled in our sight, And waited wind to recommence her flight; When the wide river was a silver sheet, And on the ocean slept th...
Página 82 - With eager scream, or when they dropping gave Their closing wings to sail upon the wave : Then as the winds...
Página 213 - Let me not have this gloomy view, " ' About my room, around my bed ; " ' But morning roses, wet with dew, " ' To cool my burning brows instead. " ' As flow'rs that once in Eden grew, " ' Let them their fragrant spirits shed, " ' And every day the sweets renew, " ' Till I, a fading flower, am dead.
Página 215 - Press the vile mouldering masses in. Say not, it is beneath my care ; I cannot these cold truths allow : — These thoughts may not afflict me there, But, oh ! they vex and tease me now.
Página 82 - I loved to walk where none had walk'd before, About the rocks that ran along the shore ; Or far beyond the sight of men to stray, And take my pleasure when I lost my way ; For then 'twas mine to trace the hilly heath, And all the mossy moor that lies beneath : Here had I favourite stations, where I stood And heard the murmurs of the ocean-flood, With not a sound beside, except when flew Aloft the lapwing, or the gray curlew, Who with wild notes my fancied power defied, And mock'd the dreams of solitary...
Página 4 - To quench th' impatient thirst — then stop awhile To see the sun upon the waters smile, In that sweet weariness, when, long denied, We drink and view the fountain that supplied The sparkling bliss— and feel, if not express, Our perfect ease in that sweet weariness. The...
Página 78 - And scorn a comforter, and will despair ; " They know not who in either boat is gone, " But think the father, husband, lover, one. " And who is she apart ? She dares not come " To join the crowd, yet cannot rest at home : " With what strong interest looks she at the waves, " Meeting and clashing o'er the seamen's graves : K 'Tis a poor girl betroth'd — a few hours more, " And he will lie a corpse upon the shore.
Página 313 - And on the ocean slept th' unanchor'd fleet ; When from our garden, as we look'd above, There was no cloud, and nothing seem'd to move ; Then was my friend in ecstasies — she cried, " There is, I feel there is, a world beside ! " Martha, dear Martha ! we shall hear not then " Of hearts distress'd by good or evil men, " But all will constant, tender, faithful be...
Página 83 - They on the rolling deep securely hung, " And calmly rode the restless waves among. " Nor pleased it less around me to behold, " Far up the beach, the yesty...

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