Solar Returns: Formulas & Analyses

Namac Pub., 1999 - 174 páginas
This solar return book has real life examples manifesting a rule governing solar returns. Nance McCullough uses no less than 31 rules in her book with each rule having several real life examples to help with understanding. Other solar return books list from one to ten rules (or none). The birthday chart shows what can happen and why. If considering marriage, new job, move, etc., then by all means check out your current solar return chart for where the emphasis is. If your solar return does not emphasize that area you are considering changing, you best reconsider by manifesting, controlling, or conquering the areas that are emphasized in that chart. This solar return book is for astrologers of all grades, but is particularly useful to more advanced astrologers. Nance has included Ecclesiastes 3:1-17 from the Bible. This scripture talks about " every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heavens..." thus describing your astrology chart and also your yearly birthday chart. We have "shop worn" copies available for $8.00. We pay USA freight.

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