Smith's Patient Centered Interviewing: An Evidence-Based Method, Third Edition

McGraw Hill Professional, 11 de mai. de 2012 - 284 páginas

A comprehensive, evidence-based introduction to the principles and practices of patient communication in a clinical setting

Endorsed by the American Academy on Communication for Healthcare

Updated and expanded by a multidisciplinary team of medical experts, Smith’s Patient-Centered Interviewing, Third Edition presents a step-by-step methodology for mastering every aspect of the medical interview. You will learn how to confidently obtain from patients accurate biomedical facts, as well as critical personal, social, and emotional information, allowing you to make precise diagnoses, develop effective treatment plans, and forge strong clinician-patient relationships.

The most evidence-based guide available on this topic, Smith’s Patient-Centered Interviewing applies the proven 5-Step approach, which integrates patient- and clinician-centered skills to improve effectiveness without adding extra time to the interview’s duration.

Smith’s Patient-Centered Interviewing covers everything from patient-centered and clinician-centered interviewing skills, such as:

  • Patient education
  • Motivating for behavior change
  • Breaking bad news
  • Managing different personality styles
  • Increasing personal awareness in mindful practice
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Using computers in the exam room
  • Reporting and presenting evaluations

Companion video and teaching supplement are available online. Read details inside the book.


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Chapter 1 The Medical Interview
Chapter 2 DataGathering and RelationshipBuilding Skills
PatientCentered Interviewing
Chapter 4 SymptomDefining Skills
ClinicianCentered Interviewing
The End of the Interview
Chapter 7 Adapting the Interview to Different Situations and Other Practical Issues
Chapter 8 The ClinicianPatient Relationship
Chapter 9 Summarizing and Presenting the Patients Story
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Robert Smith, MD is Professor Emeritus of Medicine, Michigan State University, Lansing, MI.

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