Six Astrological Treatises by Masha'allah

American Federation of Astrologers, Incorporated, 2009 - 226 páginas
The book contains translations of six Astrological Treatises by the famous Arabian astrologer Mâshâ>allâh: The Book of Reception in Horary Questions. The earliest available Medieval treatise on Horary Astrology The Book of Nativities. An early treatise on Natal Astrology The Book on the Revolutions of Years. An early treatise on Solar Returns. The Book on the Significations of the Planets in Nativities. The Epistle on Conjunctions. An early treatise on Mundane Astrology The Book of Thoughts. A Note on Interpretation. James H. Holden is the Research Director of the American Federation of Astrologers and has been especially interested in Classical and Medieval astrological works.

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