Scipio Africanus: The Man who Defeated Hannibal

Regnery Pub., 1998 - 332 páginas
In the sequel to his historical novel Hannibal, Ross Leckie tells the epic story of Scipio Africanus. Spanning six decades and three continents, Scipio Africanus: The Man Who Defeated Hannibal is a riveting fictional memoir that charts the life of the great Roman leader. As Scipio awaits the verdict on charges of impeachment, he dictates his story to his secretary Bostar. What develops is a fascinating dual narrative that juxtaposes Scipio's memories with Bostar's own version of what occurred. Both of their lives seem inextricably linked to the life of Hannibal Barca. Scipio recounts how he has reached this point - a fallen leader, facing execution by the state he has served, the empire he has created.

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