SNAP Selling: Speed Up Sales and Win More Business with Today's Frazzled Customers

Penguin, 27 de mai de 2010 - 320 páginas

Selling is tougher than ever before. Potential customers are under extreme pressure to do more with less money, less time, and fewer resources, and they're wary of anyone who tries to get them to buy or change anything. Under such extreme conditions, yesterday's sales strategies no longer work. No matter how great your offering, you face the daunting task of making yourself appear credible, relevant, and valuable.
Now, internationally recognized sales strategist Jill Konrath shows how to overcome these obstacles to get more appointments, speed up decisions, and win sales with these short-fused, frazzled customers. Drawing on her years of selling experience, as well as the stories of other successful sellers, she offers four SNAP Rules:

-Keep it Simple: When you make things easy and clear for your customers, they'll change from the status quo.
-Be iNvaluable: You have to stand out by being the person your customers can't live without.
-Always Align: To be relevant, make sure you're in synch with your customers' objectives, issues, and needs.
-Raise Priorities: To maintain momentum, keep the most important decisions at the forefront of their mind.

SNAP Selling is an easy-to-read, easy-to-use guide for any seller in today's increasingly frenzied environment.

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What I like about this book is she focuses on the buyer’s decision process and how sales people can bring value. While there are many good points in this book not sure why so many people on Amazon gave it a 5. Ler resenha completa


Time for a WakeUp Call
CrazyBusy Decision Making
What Sales Really Is
A Candid Letter from Your Customer
Frazzled Customer Syndrome
When Too Much Is Too Much
Descent into the DZone
Youve Got Five MinutesTalk
Setting the Agenda
Questions Are the Answer
Juicy Conversations About Business Value
Finding Bigger and Better Business Value
Pulling Together the Case for Change
SalesBusting Mistakes
Developing Your Expertise

Keep It Simple
Always Align
Doing a SNAP Check
Playing Brain Games
Profile Targeted Decision Makers
Leverage Customer Personas
Mastering the Mind Meld
The Three Decisions
Customers Perspective
Sellers Role
Final Caveat
Why Do These Messages Get Deleted?
Ensure FrontEnd Alignment
Value Proposition Generator
Real Value Propositions
Action Steps
Types of Trigger Events
Determine Your Own Trigger Events
Put Your Alert System on Autopilot
Finding Peoples Names
Which Is Best?
Paying the Price of Admission
Crafting the Message That Cannot Be Ignored
Radical Sales Makeovers Work
Why This Makeover Worked
The Bitter Truth Comes Out
What Customers Are Really Asking
Tighten Your Story
Be the Resource Center
Upgrade Your Digital Image
Strategies of the Movers and Shakers
Customers Perspective
Sellers Role
Big Challenge
Final Caveat
Ooh the Possibilities
What If Theres No Money in the Budget?
The Tyranny of the Status Quo
Change Is a Lot of Work
Homework Required
Solving a Kronick Problem
The Death of Consultative Selling
Keeping Your Promise
Lighting That Initial Spark
How One Failing Salesperson Became iNvaluable
Tap into Your MVP Talents
Creating That 500 Customer Experience
Stimulate Your Prospects Thinking
Be a Business Improvement Specialist
Its Time to Play Follow the Leader
Illuminate the Path Forward
Candid Conversations About the Tough Stuff
Buying FacilitationQuestions
Make Everything Easier
Avoiding Information Overload
Assemble Your Own Tool Kit
Become the Catalytic Agent
Sometimes There Is No Third Decision
It Aint Over Till Its Over
Customers Perspective
Final Caveat
The Biggest Goof That Sellers Make
When Youre Late to the Party
Get Your Ducks in a Row
Assume the Role of Decision Guide
Be MatterofFact
Leading with Questions
More Keep It Simple Strategies
Be Compelling
Clarify the Business Value
Are You Risky Business?
Minimize the Risk
ollaborate As If Theyre a Customer
Make Differentiation Easier
Act as the Trusted Resource
Truth and Consequences
Create SNAPpy Presentations
Powerful and Persuasive Proposals
Make It Easy to Say Yes
Making It Happen
Celebrate Your Customers Successes
What the Future Holds
Closing the SNAP Gap
Success Is a Decision
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Jill Konrath is a sales strategist and speaker whose clients include IBM , GE, and Hilton. Her first book, Selling to Big Companies, was praised by Fortune as a must-read. She writes a popular blog and newsletter at She lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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