Rosen's Emergency Medicine: Concepts and Clinical Practice, Volume 1

John A. Marx, Robert S. Hockberger, Ron M. Walls, James Adams
Mosby/Elsevier, 2010 - 2604 páginas
Stephen 105 Peripheral Nerve Disorders Bunney, Brad 106 Neuromuscular Disorders Shearer, Peter 107 Central Nervous System Infections Meurer, William 108 Thought Disorders Hockberger, Robert S.;Richards, John 109 Mood Disorders Saveanu, Radu;Vary, Marshall;Rund, Douglas A. 110 Anxiety Disorders Kercher, Eugene E.;Tobias, Joshua 111 Somatoform Disorders Purcell, Thomas B.;Winter, Adria 112 Factitious Disorders and Malingering Purcell, Thomas B.;Heer, Jag 113 Suicide Colucciello, Stephen A. 114 Arthritis Adams, Bruce D. 115 Tendinopathy and Bursitis Schmidt, Michael J. 116 Systemic Lupus Erythmatosus and the Vasculitides Lehrmann, Jill 117 Allergy, Hypersensitivity, and Anaphylaxis Tran, Paul;Muelleman, Robert L. 118 Dermatologic Presentations Cydulka, Rita K.;Garber, Boris 119 Anemia, Polycythemia, and White Blood Cell Disorders Hamilton, Glenn C.;Janz, Timothy G. 120 Disorders of Hemostasis Hamilton, Glenn C.;Janz, Timothy G. 121 Selected Oncologic Emergencies Ugras, Sandra;Watson, Mark 122 Acid-Base Disorders Collings, Jamie L. 123 Electrolyte Disorders Baran, Emily A. 124 Diabetes Mellitus and Disorders of Glucose Homeostasis Cydulka, Rita K.;Maloney, Gerald 125 Rhabdomyolysis Bontempo, Laura;Kaji, Amy 126 Thyroid and Adrenal Disorders Zull, David 127 Bacteria Fernandez-Frackelton, Madonna 128 Viruses Haile-Mariam, Tenagne;Polis, Michael Alan 129 Rabies Weber, Ellen J.;Ramanujam, Prasanthi 130 AIDS and HIV Rothman, Richard E. 131 Parasites Becker, Bruce M.;Cahill, John D. 132 Tick-Borne Illnesses Boligiano, Edward B.;Sexton, Joseph 133 Tuberculosis Sokolove, Peter E. 134 Bone and Joint Infections Zink, Brian J.;Raukar, Neha 135 Soft-Tissue Infections Meislin, Harvey W.;Guisto, John A. 136 Sepsis Syndrome Shapiro, Nathan I.;Barkin, Adam 137 Frostbite Danzl, Daniel F. 138 Accidental Hypothermia Danzl, Daniel F. 139 Heat Illness Platt, Melissa 140 Electrical and Lightning Injuries Price, Timothy 141 Scuba Diving and Dysbarism Byyny, Richard 142 High-Altitude Medicine Yaron, Michael 143 Drowning Knaut, Andrew L.;Richards, David B. 144 Radiation Injuries Colwell, Christopher 145 General Approach to the Poisoned Patient Ling, Louis J. 146 Acetaminophen Hendrickson, Robert 147 Aspirin and Nonsteroidal Agents Seger, Donna L. 148 Anticholinergics Velez, Larissa;Feng, Sing-Yi 149 Antidepressants Bilden, Elisabeth F. 150 Cardiovascular Drugs Roberts, David J. 151 Caustics Wax, Paul M. 152 Cocaine and Other Sympathomimetics Rao, Rama B.;Hoffman, Robert S. 153 Toxic Alchohols White, Suzanne R. 154 Hallucinogens Ly, Binh T. 155 Heavy Metals Delaney, Kathleen A.;Velez, Larissa 156 Hydrocarbons Lee, David 157 Inhaled Toxins Nelson, Lewis S.;Hoffman, Robert S. 158 Lithium Hung, Oliver 159 Antipsychotics Wittler, Mary A.;Lavonas, Eric J. 160 Opioids Hantsch Bardsley, Christina E. 161 Pesticides Rhee, James;Aaron, Cynthia K.;Dolcourt, Bram 162 Plants, Mushrooms, and Herbal Medications Shih, Richard D. 163 Sedative Hypnotics Gussow, Leon 164 General Approach to the Pediatric Patient Scott, Susan M.;Wiebe, Robert 165 Fever Mick, Nathan W. 166 Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies: Upper Airway Obstruction and Infections Manno, Mariann 167 Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies: Lower Airway Obstruction Scarfone, Richard;Seiden, Jeff 168 Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies: Disease of the Lungs Stocker, David 169 Cardiac Disorders Inaba, Alson;Horeczko, Timothy 170 Gastrointestinal Disorders Hostetler, Mark A. 171 Infectious Diarrheal Disease and Dehydration Chen, Lei 172 Renal and Genitourinary Tract Disorders McCollough, Maureen;Sharieff, Ghazala 173 Neurologic Disorders Rubin, David H.;Kornblau, Dina Halpern;Conway, Edward E.;Caplen, Stuart M. 174 Musculoskeletal Disorders McQuillen, Kemedy K. 175 General Approach to the Pregnant Patient Morrison, Laurie J. 176 Acute Complications of Pregnancy Houry, Debra;Salhi, Bisan A. 177 Chronic Medical Illness During Pregnancy Calder, Kirsten 178 Drug Therapy and Substance Abuse Habal, Rania 179 Labor and Delivery and Their Complications Henderson, Sean;Mallon, William K.;Desai, Shoma 180 The Elder Patient Birnbaumer, Diane 181 The Immunocompromised Patient Burns, Michael J. 182 The Solid Organ Transplant Patient Keadey, Matthew T. 183 Alcohol-Related Disease Finnell, John T. 184 Substance Abuse Colucciello, Stephen A. 185 Evaluation of the Developmentally and Physically Disabled Child Adirim, Terry A. 186 Pain Management Miner, James R. 187 Procedural Sedation and Analgesia Burbulys, David;Kiai, Kianusch 188 The Combative Patient Kao, Louise;Moore, Gregory P.;Jackimczyk, Kenneth 189 The Difficult Patient Vissers, Robert J.;Kalbfleisch, Norman 190 Emergency Medical Service: Overview and Ground Transport Blackwell, Tom 191 Air Medical Transport Blumen, Ira;Rodenberg, Howard;Thomas, Stephen H. 192 Tactical Emergency Medical Support and Urban Search and Rescue Schwartz, Richard;McManus, John 193 Disaster Preparedness Schultz, Carl H.;Koenig, Kristi L. 194 Weapons of Mass Destruction Schultz, Carl H.;Koenig, Kristi L. 195 Medical Literature and Evidence-Based Medicine Young, Kelly D.;Lewis, Roger J. 196 Observation Medicine and Clinical Decision Units Graff, Louis;Mahadevan, Malcolm 197 Emergency Ultrasound Tayal, Vivek 198 Multiculturalism and Care Delivery Bernstein, Edward 199 Process Improvement and Patient Safety Perry, Shawna;Wears, Robert 200 Bioethics Iserson, Kenneth V. 201 End of Life Abbott, Jean;Stone, Susan 202 Medicolegal and Risk Management Bitterman, Robert A. 203 Wellness, Stress, and the Impaired Physician Barnosky, Andrew.

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