Romantic love

Sage Publications, 10 de jun de 1992 - 138 páginas
Is love a uniquely human endeavor? Is romantic love universally felt . . . or is it a cultural phenomenon? Can we control it? Love is of concern to nearly everyone--yet it is rarely understood. Drawing material from history, psychology, sociobiology, sociology, philosophy, family studies, and other disciplines, the authors provide an overview to aid readers in understanding the complexity--and ultimate elusiveness--of romantic love. Chapters in this fascinating volume encompass a wide range of material, covering the history of love; theories and research on love; and an explanation of the meaning of love as we practice it in our everyday lives. Romantic Love will benefit students, researchers and professionals by presenting the most recent empirical work on the topic and pointing the way toward more exciting research and applications. "This engagingly written little volume presents a social psychological approach to romantic love, but also brings to bear important facts and concepts from sociobiology, philosophy, history, family studies, and sociology. It is part of a series of short-focused volumes dealing with aspects of close relationships and would make excellent supplementary reading for undergraduate courses in marriage and the family, close relationships, social psychology, or human sexual behavior." --Journal of Marriage & The Family

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Love in Close Relationships
A Brief History of Love
Contemporary Research on Love
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