Richard Lepsius: A Biography

W.S. Gottsberger, 1887 - 347 páginas
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Página 327 - Sur l'ordre des Colonnes-Piliers en Egypte, et ses rapports avec le Second Ordre Égyptien et la Colonne Grecque.
Página 178 - Three hundred and sixty-five days, five hours, forty-eight minutes, and fortyeight seconds.
Página 151 - As soon as a Pharaoh ascended the throne he began the construction of his mausoleum. It was at first of modest dimensions, since he erected, as a nucleus of the whole, a truncated pyramid with steep sides, and in doing so often took advantage of the natural rocks. When...
Página 298 - But he was a man of talent of the first order, with wonderful intensity of intellect, and the rarest strength of will and capability for learning and work. Besides this he was not only, as his wife said, an
Página 205 - Revue egyptologique publie'e sous la direction de H. Brugsch, F. Chabas, E. Revillout. Paris, Leroux.
Página 171 - Egyptian journey and published in 1852, is therefore an almost indispensable companion. In the words of Ebers, it is and must ever remain the chief and most fundamental work for the study of Egyptology. An intelligible view of Egyptian history was impossible without a secure chronological basis. Several attempts had been recently made, notably in Bunsen's ' Egypt's Place in Universal History ' and Bockh's study of Manetho. The incomparable treatise of Lepsius on the ' Chronology of the Egyptians...

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