Principles of Negotiating International Business: Success Strategies for Global Negotiators

Booksurge Publishing, 2008 - 202 páginas
Principles of Negotiating International Business teaches the critical knowledge and skills global business negotiators need to be successful. The author explains fundamental aspects of international business negotiations, explores how culture-specific expectations and practices affect business interactions, and presents numerous common and exotic techniques that negotiators anywhere in the world use. In Part I of the book, you learn how to prepare for international negotiations, build relationships, communicate, set up and conduct initial meetings, conduct negotiations, reach and document agreement, and much more. The extensive discussion of more than 40 negotiation techniques in Part II reveals how each of them works, how to counter it, who uses it, who will likely not use it, when it may be effective, and when it may not be effective. Here is the advice you need for successful business negotiations around the globe.

Sobre o autor (2008)

Lothar Katz is the president of Leadership Crossroads, an International Business Management consultancy helping clients maximize their global success. A former Vice President and General Manager with a Fortune 200 corporation, he has led world-wide business units and worked with international customers, suppliers, partners and employees, conducting negotiations and winning business in numerous countries around the world. Mr. Katz has helped corporations and other organizations in many countries grow their global competence and international business. He grew up in Europe and teaches or has taught at several business schools in the United States.

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