Peter Norton's DOS Guide

Brady, 1989 - 408 páginas
Users can conquer DOS with this complete revision of a bestselling guide. Geared to DOS Version 4.X, this book starts readers at the beginning to be smart, effective users of their computers.

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Getting Started With DOS
Understanding Diskettes
Understanding Hard Disks
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Peter Norton is an acclaimed computer software entrepreneur who is active in civic and philanthropic affairs. He serves on the boards of several scholastic and cultural institutions and currently devotes much of his time to philanthropy. Mr. Norton made his mark in the computer industry as a programmer and businessman. Norton Utilities(TM), Norton Antivirus(TM), and other utility programs are installed on millions of computer worldwide. He is also the best selling author of computer books. Mr. Norton sold his PC-software business to Symantec Corporation in 1990 but continues to write and speak on computers, helping millions of people better understand information technology.

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