Organoselenium Chemistry: Modern Developments in Organic Synthesis, Volume 208

Thomas Wirth
Springer Science & Business Media, 25 de fev de 2000 - 259 páginas
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Embarking on a new millennium, the book in hands describes the recent developments of organsoselenium chemistry in all facets. Various distinguished scientists have contributed, with their skill and expertise, making this book a valuable source for synthetic oriented organic chemists and for those, who want to get a first insight into the chemistry of selenium.

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Nucleophilic Selenium
Radical Reactions Using Selenium Precursors
SeleniumStabilized Carbanions
Selenium at Higher Oxidation State
Selenoxide Elimination and 23Sigmatropic Rearrangement
Selenium Compounds as Ligands and Catalysts
Author Index Volume 201208
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Thomas Wirth is Professor of Organic Chemistry at Cardiff University (Wales, UK). After a postdoctoral stay with Kaoru Fuji at Kyoto University as a JSPS fellow, he started his independent research in the group of Bernd Giese (Basel). He was invited as a visiting professor to various places: 1999: University of Toronto (Canada), 2000: Chuo University in Tokyo (Japan), 2004: Osaka University (Japan). He was awarded the Werner-Prize from the New Swiss Chemical Society in 2000. He is the author of ~80 publications and has written/edited 4 books.

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