Love Formulas 2: What's Right and What's Wrong--understanding the Relationship Game!

Namac Pub., 2002 - 168 páginas
"The best synastry book ever published" says reader from Ledeberg, Belgium. She further states: "Have read all available relationship astrology books and Nance McCullough's Love Formulas books have it all. She writes concisely so much true, reliable information that is full of wisdom and very readable. The Love books are for all grades of astrologers interested in relationships. The books are the one you MUST read and keep as you will refer to it often since it is filled with invaluable information not found in other books. "Love Formulas-2" ISBN 09366916044, 8.5 X5.5, perfect bind, colorful glossy cover, $13.98, 176 pages is the third revision (updated and improved) of the Love Formula books. Book covers maganetic appeal, your ideal of a mate, how mate can help or hinder you, karma of relationship, composites, marriage dates, numerology and love, and much, much more. This revision even has data on a homosexual-heterosexual marriage as well as antisexual aspects, love at first sight, harmony, disharmony, how to find your ideal, how to find Parts-of-Marriage, how to pick marriage-date, basic sign weaknesses and strengths, step-children problems and what to look for in a relationship. Glossary, Appendix.

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