Location, Location, Location: How to Select the Best Site for Your Business

Oasis Press/PSI Research, 1996 - 280 páginas
Location is the most important ingredient for success for any business that depends on customers finding it. Whether you are searching for a new site for your business or relocating an existing business, you have the power to dramatically increase or decrease your profits by choosing the right location. But how can you tell what is a good location? Experienced real estate executive Luigi Salvaneschi shares all he knows about the topic in this new guide for retail business owners, managers, corporate and franchise operators, and real estate agents. This book clearly explains how to spot the essential characteristics of the best location; understand why and how people move from one point to another and how this movement affects your retail business; analyze and learn from your competitor's business so you can make your store a better shopping option; use the concept of the analogue store to successfully project your store's sales; and learn about the retail trading zone and how to use it to capture the most customers you can.

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