Letters on the Elements of Botany: Addressed to a Lady

B. White and son, 1787 - 500 páginas

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Página 421 - ... continued Beckendorff to Vivian. " I think, sir, that it is—" " Ah ! I see it's westerly. — Well ! if this weather continue, the succession may still last another month. You will be interested to know, Mr. von Philipson, that the flower comes out at the same joint with the leaf, on a peduncle near three inches long; round the centre of it are two radiating crowns ; look, look, sir ! the inner inclining towards the centre column — now examine this well, and I'll be with you in a moment.
Página 60 - Every one of these leaves, which are white above and red underneath, and form a kind of crown round the flower, appearing to be nothing more than little petals, are in reality so many true flowers; and every one of those tiny yellow things also which you see in the centre, and which at first you have perhaps taken for nothing but stamens, are real flowers.
Página 61 - Pull out one of the white leaves from the flower, you will think at first that it is flat from one end to the other, but look carefully at the end by which it was fastened to the flower, and you will see that this end is not flat, but round and hollow, in form of a tube, and that a little thread ending in two horns, issues from the tube ; this thread is the forked style of the flower, which, as you now see, is flat only at top.
Página 6 - Rare geniufes ! \vhofe vaft knowledge and folid labours, confecrated to Botany, render them worthy of that immortality which they have acquired. For till this part of natural hiftory falls into oblivion, the names of John and Cafpar Bauhin will live along with it in the memory of mankind'.
Página 23 - The same parts, as already observed, are found in the flowers of most other plants, but in different proportion, situation, and number. By the analogy of these parts, and their different combinations, the families of the vegetable kingdom are determined ; and these analogies are connected with others in those parts of the plant which seem to have no relation to them. For instance, this number of six stamens, sometimes only three, * For a figure of these parts as composing a liliaceous flower, see...
Página 62 - You perceive, neverthelefs, that all thefe little flowers are preffed, and inclofed in a calyx, which is common to them all, and which is that of the daify. In confidering then the whole daify as one flower, we give it a very fignificant name, when we call it a compound flower.
Página 78 - ... to know and determine the plant from whence it is taken. It is not Sufficient that all the parts of the fructification are...
Página 25 - In the whole of this tribe you will remark that the stems are simple and unbranched, the leaves entire, never cut or divided ; observations which confirm the analogy of the flower and fruit in this family, by the prevailing similarity in the other parts of the plant. By bestowing some attention upon these particulars, and making them familiar by frequent observation, you will be in a condition to determine} by an attentive inspection of a plant, whether it be of the liliaceous tribe or not ; and...
Página 23 - ... anther. Each anther is a kind of box, which opens when it is ripe, and throws out a yellow dust that has a strong smell.

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