Human Motivation

Brooks/Cole Publishing Company, 1994 - 519 páginas
Thoroughly revised to reflect new directions in the field, this book introduces the basic facts and major theories of motivation within the context of the types of questions students bring with them to class. Why are some people more organized than others? Why do some people overeat? Why do people dream? As Franken leads students in an exploration of day-to-day human motivation, he looks at how biology, learning, and cognition interact with individual differences to produce human behavior.

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Sobre o autor (1994)

Dr. Robert E. Franken is a professor Emeritus at the University of Calgary, with a research focus on better understanding curiosity and exploratory behavior. He is currently living part of the year in Vancouver, British Columbia and part of the year in the Rocky Mountains. Much of his research addresses understanding sensation seekers who are motivated by the need to experience varied, novel, and complex sensations and are willing to take risks in order to experience such.

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