How to Handle Your Human Relations

American Federation of Astr, 2006 - 116 páginas
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Our connections with other people are perhaps the most basic fact of life, and yet they can be very complicated. The astrology of relationships, including such links as love and marriage, friendship, family ties and business associations, is the subject of this most thorough and detailed guide. It covers attraction, endurability and mental agreement as well as the position of Saturn. From interchart aspects to cross-chart house connections, all the major tricks of the synastry trade are explained in this book. Lois Haines Sargent's well written, well read volume has been a best sellar ever since its first printing in 1958.

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Chapter 1Human Relationships
Chapter 3Parent Child Relationships
Chapter 4Family Relationships
Chapter 6Business or Professional Partnerships
Chapter 7Planetary Keywords
Chapter 8Comparison of Aspects
Appendix Explanation of Signs and Symbols
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