Harmony - Volume 3 - Ago

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Harmony now remembers the details of her previous life as the subject of scientific experiments aimed to control her telekinetic powers, and, though aware of the tremendous danger it poses, is determined to go back to the research center to get her friends out. All hell breaks loose as the children try to run from their heavily armed captors, and they must put their special abilities to the ultimate test to escape. But a couple of mysterious newcomers with equally strong special powers make an entrance, further complicating matters and raising more questions about the program and the people in it.

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Sobre o autor (2017)

Mathieu Reynès was born in the Paris region in 1977, but spent his childhood on the Basque coast. After several years of studying science in Bordeaux, he turned his attention to cartoons and 3D animation by joining CNBDI Angoulême, first as a student and then as a tutor. After a few years, he decided to devote himself to comics. His first album, "Banana Fight," was released by Paquet in 2002, in collaboration with scriptwriter Brrémaud. The duo then created two volumes of the series "Sexy Gun" (éditions Soleil) and three volumes of "Lola Bogota" (Bamboo). Afterwards he produced several comedy series also published by Bamboo, all co-written with Brrémaud: "Les tennismen" (art by Bertolucci), "Les informaticiens" (art by Toulon), "Toutou & Cie" (art by Soffritt), and "Les Maîtres Nageurs," which he illustrated himself. In 2007, Mathieu Reynès embarked on the adventure of "Alter Ego" for Dupuis (Europe Comics in English, 2015) alongside Denis Lapière and Pierre-Paul Renders. Meanwhile, he wrote the script for the album "Water Memory," illustrated by Valérie Vernay, which was released in 2012 by Dupuis ("La mémoire de l'eau") and in 2016 by Europe Comics. In 2016, Dupuis released his latest creation, "Harmony," for which he has completed the first three-part cycle (Europe Comics in English, 2016).

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