Handbook of Autoethnography

Stacy Holman Jones, Tony E Adams, Carolyn Ellis
Routledge, 23 de mai. de 2016 - 736 páginas
In this definitive reference volume, almost fifty leading thinkers and practitioners of autoethnographic research—from four continents and a dozen disciplines—comprehensively cover its vision, opportunities and challenges. Chapters address the theory, history, and ethics of autoethnographic practice, representational and writing issues, the personal and relational concerns of the autoethnographer, and the link between researcher and social justice. A set of 13 exemplars show the use of these principles in action. Autoethnography is one of the most popularly practiced forms of qualitative research over the past 20 years, and this volume captures all its essential elements for graduate students and practicing researchers.

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Carrying the Torch for Autoethnography
Putting Meanings into Motion
A History of Autoethographic Inquiry
Individual and Collaborative Autoethnography as Method
Interpretive Autoethnography
Negotiating Our Postcolonial Selves
Reflections on Writing and Autoethnography
Writing Autoethnography
Reflections on Writing through Memory
Mindful Autoethnography Local Knowledges
Writing My Way Through
Wedding Album
Putting the Body on the Line
Autoethnography as a Mode of Knowing and

Whos There? A Week Subject
Cool Kids on the Quad
Spinning Autoethnographic Reflexivity Cultural Critique
Sketching Subjectivities
Ethics in Autoethnographic Research
Relationships and Communities in Autoethnography
Autoethnography as the Engagement of SelfOther
How Global Is Queer?
Laurel Richardson
Braiding Evocative with Analytic Autoethnography
Autoethnographic Journeys
Teaching Autoethnography and Autoethnographic
Autoethography as a Praxis of Social Justice
PersonalPolitical Interventions via Autoethnography
Musings on Postcolonial Autoethnography
Evaluating Evaluations of Autoethnography
A Glossary of Haunting
An Autoethnography of What Happens
Storying Our Future
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