Gadi mirrabooka: Australian aboriginal tales from the dreaming

Take a journey into the fascinating world of Australia's Aboriginal culture with this unique collection of 33 authentic, unaltered stories brought to you by three Aboriginal storyteller custodians! Unlike other compilations of tales that were modified and published without permission from the Aboriginal people, these stories are now presented with approval from Aboriginal elders in an effort to help foster a better understanding of the history and culture of the Aboriginal people. Gadi Mirrabooka, which means "below the Southern Cross," introduces wonderful tales from the Dreamtime, the mystical period of Aboriginal beginning. Through these stories you can learn about customs and values, animal psychology, hunting and gathering skills, cultural norms, moral behavior, the spiritual belief system, survival skills, and food resources. A distinctive and absolutely compelling story collection, this book is an immensely valuable treasure for educators, parents, children, and adult readers. Grades K-A

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The Aboriginal People
The Totemic System
Recent History
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PAULINE E. MCLEOD, Francis Firebrace Jones, and June E. Barker, are respected Aboriginal Cultural Educators and Story Custodians.HELEN F. MCKAY is a founder and life member of the Australian Storytelling Guild (NSW) and editor of the guild newsletter, as well as the co-author of two other books, About Storytelling and Riotous Riddles.

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