GB/T 25064-2010 Translated English of Chinese Standard. (GBT 25064-2010, GB/T25064-2010, GBT25064-2010): Information security technology - Public key infrastructure - Electronic signature formats specification

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This Standard, for the electronic signature of digital signature type generated based on public key cryptography, defines the main parties to electronic signature and validation, the types of electronic signature, validation and arbitration requirements. This Standard also standardizes the data formats of electronic signature, including basic data formats, validation data formats, and signature policy formats, etc. This Standard applies to the design and implementation of electronic signature products. The testing, evaluation, and purchase of related products can also refer to it.

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Data formats of electronic signature
Appendix A Normative Abstract Syntax Notation One ASN 1 representation
Appendix B Normative Abstract Syntax Notation One ASN 1 representation

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