Famous Faces

TeNeues, 2011 - 95 páginas
*The ideal gift for anybody who enjoys a laugh *For all who love animals An interest in the cult of celebrity and an irreverent sense of humor combine to create these famous faces pet parodies. Through the magic of make-believe, a feline morphs into the ultimate diva, a hamster masquerades as an entertaining character, and a pup is reminiscent of a boldface name. Based on the line of successful greeting cards, this book of masquerading animals is ideal for all ages. The laughs keep coming as you browse. Which is your favorite? There are so many quirky characters, you'll find it hard to choose. This whimsical collection of animals won't incite a media frenzy, but it will make you smile. The name Takkoda is derived from the Sioux word meaning, "Friend to all." The company was started by two couples who were raised with a love for childhood stories of anthropomorphic characters. Growing up in rural England, they developed a love of animals as strong personalities, not cutesy pastiches. An interest in the cult of celebrity and an irreverent sense of humour combined to create "Pets Rock," our range of famous faces pet parodies. We photograph real pets, capturing their natural expressions before dressing them up digitally to create their iconic personalities. At Takkoda, our pets have famous faces! These are real pets, not real celebrities. The well-known individuals have not had any involvement in the creation of the images and they have not approved them, nor has their approval been sought for the publication of these images. We like pets, we own a few. Some of the pets featured belong to us, although not all of them, that would be madness. We don't dress them up for real, silly! ILLUSTRATIONS: 45 colour photos

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