Environmental Fluid Dynamics: Flow Processes, Scaling, Equations of Motion, and Solutions to Environmental Flows

Academic Press, 20 de set. de 2012 - 460 páginas

Environmental Fluid Dynamics provides an introduction to the principles of environmental fluid dynamics, i.e., nature's use of air and water to transport and transform waste into nutrients for various organisms.

The author, a Professor of Environmental Engineering and the Director of the Centre for Water Research at the University of Western Australia, is careful to include the appropriate mathematical expressions for the fundamentals of fluid dynamics without overburdening the reader with difficult or extensive notation.

Starting with a discussion of the basics of fluid dynamics for undergraduates, the book moves on to more detailed material for graduate students and specialists in environmental engineering and/or science, physical limnology, estuarine dynamics, and coastal oceanography. Topics covered include equations of motion, fluid viscosity, environmental hydraulics, mixing and dispersion, surface waves, and environmental flows. The materials presented are based on the author's 40 years of teaching fluid dynamics at Berkeley, Caltech, Karlsruhe, Padova, and Western Australia.

The book provides a basic overview, while specialists needing more in-depth information can to turn to advanced texts in their specific areas of interest.

  • Introduces the principles of fluid dynamics, follows with simple applications, and builds to more complex applications experienced in the field.

  • Offers a unique, authoritative, and accessible treatment of the subject.

  • Includes appropriate mathematical expressions without overburdening the reader with difficult or extensive notation.


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Axiomatic Approach
Chapter 3 Some Exact Solutions
Chapter 4 Effect of Viscosity
Chapter 5 Fundamentals of Hydraulics
Chapter 6 Environmental Hydraulics
Chapter 7 Mixing in Environmental Flows
Chapter 8 Surface Waves
Chapter 9 Environmental Flows
Appendix 1 Mathematical Preliminaries
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J rg Imberger is the Director of the Centre for Water Research and Professor of Environmental Engineering at the University of Western Australia (UWA), where he is a Vice-Chancellor's Distinguished Fellow. Imberger received his PhD at the University of California, Berkeley in 1970 and became Professor of Environmental Engineering at UWA in 1979.

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