Ed Parker's Infinite Insights Into Kenpo: Mental & Physical Applications

Createspace Independent Pub, 23 de jun. de 2009 - 252 páginas
Completing the "Infinite Insights Into Kenpo" series, with Volume V published in June 1987 brought to an end Sr. Grandmaster of Kenpo Karate Ed Parker Sr.'s monumental masterpieces. The main purpose of this volume was to incorporate all of the basic theories, concepts, and principles discussed in the four earlier volumes together, to achieve a more complete understanding of how these mental and physical aspects relate, function, and apply. Acquiring this knowledge not only develops refined techniques, but also can result in success in combat. Mr. Parker states that "combat without preparation can prove disastrous", he believed that realistic preparations must be made to overcome environmental conditions, unpredictable events, or to curtail an opponent whose unorthodox actions and reactions can unexpectedly create variables that may cause defeat. Realizing that an attack can dictate and direct one's defense, Mr. Parker shared the need o learn combat in total. Mr. Parker concludes this capstone volume with the cornerstone and keystone firmly in place. The years he spent analyzing, scrutinizing, creating and developing his system of American Kenpo were now logically, practically, and sequentially set in place for future students to build on. Grounded, rooted, and established on a firm foundation, students could be secure in the knowledge that this foundation "Art and Science of Street fighting" could consistently be built upon employing existing correct principles.

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The late Sr. Kenpo Grandmaster Ed Parker Sr. known as the Father of American Kenpo Karate and founder of the International Karate Championships in Long Beach, California. He introduced Bruce Lee to the Martial Arts world. Close friend and bodyguard to Elvis Presley. Author, actor, movie stunt coordinator, businessman, publisher, graduate of Kamehameha High School and Brigham Young University. Served in the United States Coast Guard. Founder of the International Kenpo Karate Association with affiliates worldwide. Native born Hawaiian and honored in the Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame. Loving husband, father and grandfather.

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