Cultivating Consciousness: Enhancing Human Potential, Wellness, and Healing

K. Ramakrishna Rao
Praeger, 1 de jan de 1993 - 234 páginas
A distinguished group of philosophers, psychologists, and scientists working on the new frontiers of science discuss in this volume the nature of consciousness, the methods for studying it, its relevance to our values and for enhancing human abilities and wellness. Beginning with an examination of the metaphysical foundations of science and the need for developing a "wholeness science," in the light of consciousness research, the articles explore the nature of "wholeness," the emerging themes in consciousness studies, new models and hypotheses about the mind-brain relationship and the ways of bringing about transformation of consciousness for individual well-being as well as improving the human condition. The authors highlight the conceptual, epistemological and methodological problems inherent in the study of consciousness and suggest ways of overcoming them.

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Does Further Progress in Consciousness Research Await
A Critical Response
Some Epistemological Problems Inherent in the Scientific
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Rao has held various academic and administrative positions in India and the U.S., including Professor and Head of the Department of Psychology and Parapsychology, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and Vice Chancellor at Andhra University.

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